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Wuthering Heights: Book review


I bought my unabridged copy of Wuthering Heights when I was around 12 – 14. I tried reading it a couple months later but could not bring myself to get into it. The beginning is just so chaotic… so many different narrators, so many leaps between events and times… I stopped reading after about 3 chapters.

However, it is my goal this summer to finish every book on my shelves I have not read/finished before July 26.

Crazy, right?

Anyway, as part of that quest I picked up Wuthering Heights for the first time in 4+ years.

I devoured it.

It took me about 3 -4 days to finish.

I have never loved a classic book so much… at least, not since Treasure Island (another book I hated at 13, go figure…).

The story is about the tragic life of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. and the dark revenge of a star crossed man that continues for two generations.

I loved the characters, the narration, the setting.. oh my goodness, the setting! I loved the moors in the story, and how the played their own special part.

The characters were very unique and diverse. We had dark characters, meek characters, sweet creatures, and selfish men.

  It was a beautiful story of tragedy, love, lose, but I believe it did have a happy ending… in the end.

A very satisfying read.

*sigh* It’s so hard to review a classic because so many different things have been said, and most people know at least the basic plots points… really all one can give is their opinion and what they liked.

That is what I have done, so it will have to suffice.

Next up, the Secret Garden!