My name is Iris. I am 17 and just about to start my senior year of high school.
I am in various fandoms. Sherlock, Avengers, Percy Jackson, Once Upon a Time… most recently Dr. Who. You will be getting references from at least a few of these now and again.
I prefer algebra over geometry (sue me).
I can be very politically minded, but I always try to be fair and respectful to people of an opposite view.
I am Roman Catholic.



      1. I know!!!!! And I always prove it a different way than the answer says. It’s the exact same result!!!!!!!!!!! There’s more than one way to do a proof, people!!!!! 😀

      2. IKR?! That’s the one biggest annoying thing about them. We go different routes to reach the same thing, and when one goes a different route one gets shouted down. >:-/

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