Unexpected Journeys

I’m A Future Falcon!!!!!!

So, I gave my excuses for not posting in the last post, so I’m just hoping right into things.

Senior year is the craziest most stressful time I have ever experienced in my life.


Two words.

College Applications.

Actually, let’s tack another word on there.


The waiting and uncertainty is the worst thing in the world.

About 2.5 months ago I found out I wasn’t Accepted to the Air Force Academy.

My plan B was to attend the local public four year ivy league level college with an Air Force ROTC program.

Beep! to expensive, back to the drawing board.

My parents assumed I’d go to the local community college for a year. They had it all; a flying program, the math and lab sciences I needed, affordable cost. There was just one small problem. I literally had a mental breakdown every time I tried to visit. The first time we went I was just sunk. The only highlight was we were talking to the aviation department guy, and talked flying plans and Air Force.

The second time, which was for an open house thing, I literally ran out of there in tears, hyperventilating, the works.

Scratch Plan C.

We went back to the local ivy league which had regional locations. Offered the same basic classes, I could do ROTC,  and was just as cheap as community college.

Ding ding!!!!

Or so I thought…

A couple weeks ago I went to visit the Air Force Academy the first time. It was incredible. The weather patterns were a bit unpredictable this time of year, but the mountains and campus were amazing. The cadets were great, especially the second degree (junior) who lead our tour.

She hadn’t gotten in the first year she applied either. Instead, she was planning on going to her local school and doing ROTC. She’d sent in her housing deposit and everything.

Then she got a letter.

After the tour I’d talked with her a little bit since she’d been through the reapplication process. I asked some questions, she answered what she could, gave some advise, and gave me her phone and e-mail.

Now I bet you’re wondering what was in the letter she got.. patience grasshopper, I’m getting to that!

My Dad and I got home from Colorado late at night/early in the morning on a  Saturday.

Two days later, first thing Monday morning around 6:30 pm I open my e-mail.

You Have a New Message In Your Academy Portal.

I race over to admissions, log into my account (portal) and there it is, in bright bold unread glory.

You have received a Falcon Foundation Scholarship.

Alright drop the mildly interested looks that hide your confusion, I am going to explain.

A Falcon Foundation Scholarship is the next best thing to AFA Prep school.

They give a scholarship to a chosen few who didn’t get accepted to the academy of AFA prep school, and only those who are pilot qualified (meet the physical standards for a USAF pilot) that covers most of the expense (and when I say most I mean most) to attend a Service Academy preparatory program at one of seven schools across the country.

Cue my hyperventilation and incomprehensible murmurs. Needless to say my Dad could concentrate on nothing all day at work after my Mom told him, and if the whole universe doesn’t find out soon from my parent’s constant bragging I’ll be genuinely surprised (yes, I know I’m the one blogging about it, but I’m anonymous here, so it doesn’t count!).

Back to the story.

Yes this letter is identical to the one the cadet had received. One of my first steps, therefore, was to e-mail her and ask her about her prep school. What was it like? Was it worth it? Would she go there again? How did it compare to this other prep school, or ROTC, or the AFA prep school?

After much deliberation I decided on a school, and in an area I never expected to go until pilot training, if I went that route.

The south west.

yep, I’m goin’ to da place of red dirt and sun and desert rocks.

I’m excited about my choice though, and can’t wait to experience this new world.

And the cool thing about the program is it is entirely devoted to getting me accepted into the Academy next year. They have classes on SAT/ACT prep, all the math and sciences the Academies want to see, and a weekly class just to make sure your on top of the nomination and application process.

So yeah, that just happened two weeks ago.

It’s funny, everything seemed to line up for it to happen. And I’m sorry, but meeting a cadet who got the same scholarship, who’s prep school I will end up attending, and made it to the Academy the next year two days before I’m offered the same opportunity? Yeah, I’m sure that was all just coincidence, right?

” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Thanks, God. 🙂


This Post Is too Epic For a Title

Oh… my… YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!!

First things first, sorry for the break in posts, been super busy.

Okay, so as some of you may remember I was gripping about my Senior Prom theme a couple months ago. Well, still not thrilled with the Hawaiian, but I found some breathtaking ocean blue fabric and peacock feather designed overlay with which to make my dress.

That’s Yay #1

Yay #2 is even bigger and better.

So, as some of you may remember my mentioning, I moved across country last August right before senior year. Stinks., right? Well, thanks to a variety of circumstances, the awesomest thing is going to happen.

I get to go back to my old home town for graduation!!!!

And I don’t mean as a graduation gift, I mean I will literally be graduating at my former homeschool group’s graduation ceremony, with all my best friends!!!!!!

I am so excited, and can’t wait!

Also, I will try to post more often.

Award Time!

Okay, so today I’ve done very little that is actually productive besides NaNo and some school.
I wasn’t planning on posting, but the wonderful Robyn of Spiral Bound has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the
World Bloggers award.


Thanks Robyn!

“Waste Not Want not”, as Kit’s Aunt Millie always, say I have wasted no time in reply to the award.

The rules are simple.
Thank the one who nominated you (check!)
Post logo on blog (also check!)
Answer ten questions.
Nominate ten Bloggers.
Ask them ten questions.

Ten Questions:

1: What is your favorite Musical

That’s cheating! You can’t ask me my FAVORITE musical! It doesn’t exist! I mean, I LOVE musicals. A singular favorite does not exist.
*sigh* I shall name one, however. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. this was the first musical I truly performed in (and so far the only one) and so it has a special place with me…

2: If you could guest star in any TV show, which show and who would you be?

Doctor Who. I’d prefer being the Companion, but that isn’t a guest star role. So I would guest star as the friend who helps the Doctor, like Jenny or Clara from the Victorian Christmas special before she was the companion, who the Doctor really likes, and is ready to ask her to come, and then dies tragically and he is left to hold her and cry and nearly kill her murderer from grief.
That’s not disturbing of me is it? O_o

3: Do you have a favorite number?

I do. *silence* Sorry, did you want to know what it was? Okay, well you didn’t ask… but I’ll say. it’s 5, actually. I love 5. Five is such a good round number, and is so often over looked.

4: What is your favorite thing about autumn?

The smell. Something about autumn makes it so different… all the other seasons have their perfumes, like flowers and cinnamon, but only autumn is tangible. It actually smells crisp. It smells how it feels and there is magic in that.

5: What’s your favorite girly thing to do with your sister/female cousin/best friend?

Hmmm… I’m not truly a girly-girl most of the time… but I love to fangirl and discuss movies and favorite *cough* actors with my sister, my friends, my cousins…. so yeah.

6: Best movie you’ve see this year?

Well… I must say either Iron Man 3 or How To Train Your Dragon 2. Both were amazing action packed tragic stories of awesomness.

7: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Hmm… I have always liked Leslie… I’d have to say Leslie or Clarisse.

8: How do you feel about chick-flicks?

I love a good chick-flick now and again, but I do steer more towards the action movies. I do love the Fault in our Stars and Charlie St. Cloud. Some Nicholas Sparks as well, but I’m not a huge chick-flick movie goer.

9: GIFs?

Love em! Don’t know how to post them or make them, but love them!

10: Favorite female author?

That depends on what time period we’re talking about… Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte if we’re talking 18th – early 19th century. Louisa May Alcott for 19th. Madeline Le’Engle for 20th. Suzanne Collins for 21st.

Now for my questions for the nominees!
1: What’s the color you associate most with autumn?
2: What’s the worst movie you ever saw?
3: What’s better? Regular Apple Cider or Hot Apple Cider?
4: What book are you reading right now?
5: Is there a Christmas radio station already going where you live? (There is where I live, and I just think that’s ridiculous! It’s not even Halloween yet!)
6: Would you like a question that doesn’t have to do with the time of year or the holidays?
7: What was your first fandom?
8: What’s your favorite childhood show that you would watch again today?
9: Greek Gods or Roman Gods?
10: Did you answer all these questions truthfully? Give and answer that does not include yes or no.

And my nominees are!






Okay… so that was just five… but five IS my favorite number! And I’m out of time to work on this.

Feel free to answer the questions in you comments even if you weren’t nominated!
If you were, answer them on your blog please. 🙂

NaNoWriMo Approaches!


It is official!!!!

They have updated the NaNoWriMo site, and I’m all ready to go!


To be honest, I haven’t been to excited for NaNo this year. It’s like all my enthusiasm was just drained from my by the evil Anti-Wrimo Goblin (ooohhh… I must remember that creature!). I only just reclaimed my thirst for writing a novel in 30 days on Friday, when I reversed a previous decision.

I will NOT be starting a new novel.

I will be finishing a previous one that I have been working on for at least two camps and one NaNo. I Have been working on this for about two years now and am finally ready to complete the FINAL (Read: Fourth) Draft.

This will entail redrawing maps, redoing character sketches, and rewriting approximately 2/3 of the book.

With so much work, I will be cheating just a little by starting some of the revisions in the coming weeks prior to November 1st. I feel this will be necessary to give me a solid foundation for the work in November, so I’m not constantly changing things, and will have a solid idea of how to end this book.

I will not count any writing prior to November 1st in my official word count!

I will write the full 50,000 words in 30 days!

I pledge to you all here today that on November 30th I will complete NaNo with these two words.

The End.

Please help me keep to this.

To help keep myself motivated I will be posting updates on my revision process. You don’t HAVE to read them, just comment a positive encouragement 🙂

A Dream Achieved

Hello dear readers!

My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth. As I’ve mentioned, school is taking up a great deal of my time currently.

I wanted to let you know that I just completed a half marathon!

That’s right, I ran 13.1 miles, without stopping!

My legs are pretty much dead now, but I’m so glad I did it 🙂

Now, time for a little backstory so you all understand why this accomplishment means so much to me.

I have been overweight since I was little, and was obese at 11. Because all of my friends were awesome, no one would tell me outright that I was a little on the chubby side.
I didn’t start really losing weight until I was about 15, which was also around the time I started really thinking about what i wanted to do with my life. The Air Force kept pushing its way into my mind. When i finally decided, yes, I want to go for this, I knew I really had to start pushing myself, and working hard to get fit for the demanding physical requirements.
At that time my greatest hurdle, physically, was (after push-ups anyway 😛 ) running.
I hadn’t been a “runner’ since I was 9, and at age 14 I could barely run for about 20 yards.
I always wanted to run, ever since I’d read this article on running and cross country in a magazine.
I just never believed that I could do that.
a mile, maybe, because a mile was long.
But anything further, let alone a half marathon, forget it!
As luck would have it, we lived in a suburban area with a bike trail at the time I started my training ( age 16).
I joined Civil Air patrol, where I needed to do a timed Mile run once a month, and come in under 12 minutes.
And Now here I am, a year later, standing (or more correctly, half collapsed 😛 ) at the end of a 13.1 mile course, which I completed in 3 hours exactly.
Believe me, I had plenty of time to look back on my past unfit self, and think of how I had dreamed of doing what I was doing at that moment. By the time I crossed the finish line, and the volunteer there hung that finishing medal around my neck, I wanted to cry.
I’d only ever dreamed of doing something like that, but never believed i really would!
Now here I am, fitter then I have ever been, and still working hard to grow even stronger.

Today I accomplished a dreamed. I half-sprinted (wish it could have been a full sprint, but I wasn’t able to make it to that before reaching finish line) across a finish line after running, sometimes jogging, once or twice dropping to a power walk, for 13.1 miles.

And that’s it.

To some people, it may seem small. I ran a race, so what? I’ve run hundred of full marathons!” or something like that, but for me, that half wasn’t just 13.1 miles. It wasn’t just a number. It was a sign. It was me proving that I can do anything I want. It was me proving I never have to go back to what I was 4 years ago.

Now I know, that all sounded really cheesy, but my half marathon was the textbook example of a cheesy/inner emotion stirring run. 🙂

An Unexpected Dilemma and Resolution

I have found nothing goes according to plan.

For instance, the deadline for an application isn’t always the very last day you can submit it.

Occasionally the deadline is a trip up for those who don’t read the fine writing.
Sometimes the application is due months before the deadline, because a follow up application relies on the first being submitted months before its deadline.

That is what I just learned today, and it wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realized its purpose.

There are plenty of do-it-halfway-then-drop people in the world, especially those seniors who fall into the “senior year trap” and grow lazy. (I’m sure none of you fine readers are one of those! I have simply heard of their existence, and seen enough proof to believe they lurk in the shadows…)

So when a selective college requires two different forms and applications, one of which is due a month after the other, but to complete the second, the first has to be submitted months in advance, it’s all an elaborate web designed to weed out those who wouldn’t make it through the rest of the application.

Boy am I glad I read the fine print.

Speaking of fine print (oh how clever of me!) the finest print of all is something I should be addressing.

I have really slacked off on my reading the past year. I have focused so much on school and special activities I forgot how to enjoy recreational reading.
This was also caused by the lack of a library card.

Now that the move is over, and we have library cards again, I checked out a grand total of three recreational books (which is way below average for me. Usually it’s closer to ten…), plus a book on running.

I devoured the books, and then started on my Dad’s! (Okay, so I haven’t finished the running one yet, but I’m a good third of the way through it…)

The reader in me has been revived!

I forgot how fast I can read when I want to, and how I love reading.
Perhaps this starvation for good literature I’ve been suffering from has been the root cause of my dried up writer’s well of inspiration…

Either way, my book life has returned to me!

I can once again sit in my room (or any where) and read for hours upon hours. This is good news for my school year, since most of it is reading, and the rest is writing reports and essays connected with what I’ve been reading.

I’m now confident I can finish reading those raggedy books on my list of books-to-read before-finishing-High-School that I’ve had gather dust on my desk.

That is all, you may now go about the rest of your daily lives.

I Got An Oscar!!!

Just kidding.. no Oscar sadly… but I did get the next best thing!

A Blogging Award!

My best friend Erin over at The Upstairs Archive nominated me.
That means I have to list five facts about myself, answer her five very mean questions, make five questions of my own, and then nominate five people to get the award.

Five Facts

1. I love running! It saddens me more then I can say that my new country road I live on is to small and has no shoulder so I can not run along it 😦

2. I can not stand coleslaw. It is, in my opinion, disgusting.

3. Last year I went on my first time ever March for Life in Washington D.C. It was amazing! I, however, did not see the White House before we left, and was quite disappointed. We did make it to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which was beautiful!

4. I can’t stand the middle or ending of the Hobbit (the book I mean). The beginning was great.

5. I have not read any Jane Austen novel through to completion. Yet I mean! I am working on that!

Five Answered Questions

1. If you had to choose between the Doctor, Sherlock, Merlin, Luke Skywalker, Matthias, Jim Hawkins, and Sir Percy Blakeney to go on an unexpected and otherwise completely unpredictable adventure with, who would you choose?

See! Isn’t that just mean! *long heartfelt sigh* The Doctor. Almost certainly the Doctor.

2. Who would you be more likely to say “You’re weird!” (complete with exclamation point) to: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Sherlock, Watson, the Doctor, Merlin, or Halt? (If you would be most likely to say “You’re weird!” to Halt, then you have my undying respect. Either you are very brave, or just plain crazy.)

The Doctor option you keep putting in with me in mind, don’t you Erin? grrr…
I would love to say that to halt, and if the opportunity arose I guarantee I would, but he is almost never weird, so the opportunity for me to say that isn’t likely enough.
Therefore, I would most likely be saying weird to Sherlock, to which he or Watson would reply “You’re just getting that now?”

3. Do you wear socks to sleep in? (You’d better bet your fluffy bedsocks you do, young’un, wot?!)

Ummm… depends on the season? During Summer you literally would have to tie me to a chair and shove them on me. I hate wearing socks during summer. Sandels, or better yet barefeet, is my preferred footwear for the summer. In winter, however, I have very fluffy socks i have specially for nights because my room, no kidding, is always the coldest room in the house.

4.What is the best plot you’ve ever had that originated in a dream? (Yes, a sleeping dream. Daydreams don’t qualify. Sorry, Sir Percy.)

Well, there is one that I have done absolutely nothing with because I like it as a dream more then a story. Me and My sister are the daughters of Firelord Palpatine who rules the USA and is planning on burning the midwest on the Summer solstice and want us to help him. I think Zuko and Aang were in there somehow, but I forget.

5. Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?

*sigh* I wish…

Five Questions For My Nominess

1. Water or Fire?
2. Icecream or Pudding?
3. Would you rather face a dragon unarmed, or armed with a gold fish?
4. Three or 7?
5. Why did you pick Three if you picked Three, or 7 if you picked 7?

And my nominees are… drumroll please!

1. Seana at http://seanajvixen.blogspot.com/
2. Amy at http://themondayheretic.wordpress.com/
3. Proverbs31Teen at http://proverbs31teen.wordpress.com/
4 Ginnay at http://spiritworkinginme.weebly.com/
5 Erin (different from Erinkenobi!) at http://oyeahwrite.wordpress.com/

June Rush Part 1

Alright, I have had an interesting two weeks….
Interesting in the sense that nothing happened the first, and then A TON happened the second.
This post will just go over week one at the moment though because I think it would be more fitting to break these two up as their experiences were polar opposites…
So without further ado…
Week One:
Week one I went to stay with a group of school sisters, the School Sisters of Christ the King, for a week.
They have summer mission programs every year where they invite high school girls to come and help them lead summer camps.
This was my third year attending and I thought I knew exactly how it would go.
I did not expect nothing.
Well…. I can’t truly say NOTHING, but compared to my past years, it certainly seems like nothing. Last year we (us “helpers” who were staying in the Sisters guest house) ate cake EVERY NIGHT! On Thursday night, known as “Broadway Night”, my group and I rewrote Tangled’s “When Will My Life begin” to describe our very exciting week.
The year before that was my first time ever and I hiked on train tracks with a consecrated sister (different from nuns as sisters are not cloistered) and played a VERY competitive game of softball. Who knew holy women could be so hard core…
So what happened this year?
A game of volleyball because softball got blown out (read: wind was VERY strong), a week of helping kids who were almost to good, and a few skits.
It was so quiet… I was pretty disappointed. And then I come back and find that, despite her promise to have it completed by the time I returned, my room was still unpacked. Completely unpacked. The morning of the 21st I had to retake the SAT because my scores were cancelled the first time (not my fault)… the point is, that week was pretty disappointing. Until I realized that the entire week I was with the Sisters, because I had nothing holding me down, or to keep my mind hopping from one minute to the next I could actually concentrate on the most important thing in my life that I never pay attention to… my relationship with Jesus. Rather then nodding off during holy hour or constantly checking the time and waiting for it to be over I actually prayed and had a conversation with the Lord, discussing my life, what he wants for my future, and just anything that was on my mind. It was wonderful.
So yeah, maybe my week wasn’t the most exciting and fun week I’d ever had, but it was the week I needed this year to prepare myself for the coming move and senior year… the start of a new life as an actual adult (18 this fall. Yikes!). In short, the Lord gave me a quiet week because, as much as I hate quiet weeks, I needed this one desperately and guess what.. I didn’t have a clue that I did until the Lord gave it to me.
So yeah, there’s Week One of my crazy June Rush.

A Matter of Faith

Today I’d like to share an update on moving with you.
This week my parents are away on a house hunting trip. To be honest it’s hoped to be (and looking more like) a house buying trip. In the process of negotiating and attempting to buy our dream house, however, there have been a couple scares.
The first one was that the sellers wanted (quite unreasonably I might add) far more in interest money then my parents were willing to provide, and there were a couple of other things I think. My parents replied that is was either what they were willing to offer or they’d walk. The sellers accepted our first offer.
Then yesterday the sellers were second guessing due to some wording in the contract, and my parents were once again worried we wouldn’t get the house, and so they started looking at back up plans.
Last night, probably right before my parents officially gave up all hope, the agent called and said they’d signed the papers.
Now, through out all of this I was praying harder then I have in a long while.
I’m a Christian. I’m a Catholic in fact, so I was raised knowing how to pray, and why it’s so important. Putting that into practice… well, I’ve let it fall on the wayside now and again, sadly.
I’m trying to start fresh again.
Monday, shortly before I learned about the sellers count offer, I prayed a rosary.
After hearing about the counter offer, I prayed that my rosary had been heard, that we’d get this house.
Then I remembered something… I’d said the wrong mysteries during my rosary.
That right there shows how often I pray the rosary. I had mixed up Monday’s and Tuesday’s mysteries, and instead of saying the Joyful I said the Sorrowful.
Needless to say when you are praying for a new house, reading meditations about accepting setbacks, and trusting in God’s will, and… well, suffering… it can be kind of discouraging.
That night though, my mom called and said the sellers had accepted the first offer.
I prayed a second rosary because that was such a relief. With the right mysteries that time, the Joyful, which fit perfectly with my mood because I was joyful.
And that’s when I came across this meditation.
“We can count on God’s answers to our prayers, but often in unexpected ways – A stable for a room.”
I laughed.
You see, I have had my own room for about 5 years now. Our new house, however, does not have enough bedrooms for that, so I’m being stuck back in with my younger sister. What it does have though is an AMAZING barn! Heated tack room…fencing… it’s beautiful, according to my parents.
So I am essentially trading my room for a stable.
It was this small sign from God that I knew, I just knew this was going to happen.
Now I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share that. It really means so much more to me then it could to anyone else. I wasn’t sure if any one else would understand the thoughts I had when I first read that. When I read that meditation I felt like God had put that there just for me to find at that moment. To let me know that that was our house.
That’s a bit hard for someone on the outside to understand… which is why even when I was praying I was wondering whether I’d share that with anyone. But God works in mysterious ways, and not 2 minutes later, on the next decade…
‘Anna, in the scene that follows this passage [the presentation at the temple], “talked about the child to all.” My encounters with Christ should lead to evangelization.’
Well I have no idea if this will lead to evangelization for anyone, but like Anna, I’m sharing my very little encounter with Christ.
Things are still shaky concerning the house, and I’m still praying hard, but I have to believe that A Stable for a Room wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, or my imagination having some fun.
When I read it… it just felt so real! So true!
And I’m not saying I don’t believe in coincidences, but some things are just to closely connected to not be planned.