Month: June 2015

Wuthering Heights: Book review


I bought my unabridged copy of Wuthering Heights when I was around 12 – 14. I tried reading it a couple months later but could not bring myself to get into it. The beginning is just so chaotic… so many different narrators, so many leaps between events and times… I stopped reading after about 3 chapters.

However, it is my goal this summer to finish every book on my shelves I have not read/finished before July 26.

Crazy, right?

Anyway, as part of that quest I picked up Wuthering Heights for the first time in 4+ years.

I devoured it.

It took me about 3 -4 days to finish.

I have never loved a classic book so much… at least, not since Treasure Island (another book I hated at 13, go figure…).

The story is about the tragic life of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. and the dark revenge of a star crossed man that continues for two generations.

I loved the characters, the narration, the setting.. oh my goodness, the setting! I loved the moors in the story, and how the played their own special part.

The characters were very unique and diverse. We had dark characters, meek characters, sweet creatures, and selfish men.

  It was a beautiful story of tragedy, love, lose, but I believe it did have a happy ending… in the end.

A very satisfying read.

*sigh* It’s so hard to review a classic because so many different things have been said, and most people know at least the basic plots points… really all one can give is their opinion and what they liked.

That is what I have done, so it will have to suffice.

Next up, the Secret Garden!

Mom! Phineas and Ferb Are In a Blog Post!

I am an 18 year old high school grad (as of one hour ago. WAHOO!) and I will sit in my living room and watch Phineas and Ferb by myself.


Because the show and it’s creators are the only original writers left in Disney Channel’s employ!

They are amazing!

Dan Pavenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh understand the beauty of creation, and the freedom of writers.

Phineas and Ferb is a Disney cartoon about two step brothers who are amatuer/epert inventors who build stuff in their backyard with their friends. They have an older sister, Candace, who’s quest in life is to be Jeremy Johnson’s boyfriend and bust her brother, not necessarily in that order. There is also a side plot involving their pet platypus (because a pet platypus is not already a side plot of its own) who’s actually a secret agent assigned to keep the tri-state area safe from Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

This show…

The theme song itself describes the show, with an original theme song for most of their holiday specials, and maybe the crossovers… I forget.

I mean, what haven’t they done with this show? It beats all others for originality!

They’ve done crossovers (Star wars and Avengers), holiday specials, episodes that take place in the future, episodes in outer space, a full length film, and no less then 4 alternate universe stories.

Canon AUs?!

I can only name one other series where there is a canon AU (Hatchet Series, or Brian Books, by Gary Paulsen. A must read)!

They even put the characters of Phineas and Ferb in other time periods.  One of my favorites is Tri-Stone Area/Doof Dynasty. In this episode the cast is first in the Stone age as cave man and the entire first halve of the episode is in cave man grunt-ish, and in the second half, Doof Dynsaty, everyone is in 16th Century China!

In the full length movie they see an Alternate universe where Dr D has taken over and they find out Perry’s secret life… but no, I won’t spoil what happens. However, later in the following season the creators return to the 2nd Dimension, as the AU is called, and follows that cast through an episode of their own that takes place post-movie.

My all time favorite most perfect episode is when the creators decided to skip ahead ten years into the future to the summer of the gang’s graduation that answered every fan’s question, what happen to Phineas and Isabella? Well, they answered a thousand more as well.. it was so amazing.

This episode was the second to last, the last one is happening tonight.

I, however, am at my graduation tonight, and won’t be able to see it for a couple weeks.

Oh the agony! The only thing I know is that Candace meets DR. D, uses his inator to re-do the last day of summer, and then Phineas and Ferb never exist! It sounds crazy… and I am heartbroken that this show is ending.

So many of the classic Disney show that were so great have ended, and some on a not so great note (Wizards finale? Pretty lame. The special they did following it did a pretty good job of making up for it though.).

I can’t/can wait to see how Phineas and Ferb rank on the scale of finales.

Right now Suite Life on Deck holds the record for most heartbreaking finale of all time.

Priorities? Forget about it!

I am a 100% go get ’em girl.

I hate not giving my all because I hate not being the best.

*sigh* I know, another vice rooted in big problem pride.

But the result of this is that I struggle letting go of activities I should by all right be bowing out of.

I am moving to New Mexico in two months, yet I signed up for my library’s summer reading program, am trying for my next CAP promotion for the Monday before I leave, and strive to read 95% of the classic book I own but haven’t read.


Yes, very.

I just took (and passed) the leadership test for my next CAP promotion yesterday, and no doubt I will be questioned by the Deputy Commander of Cadets at the next meeting as to why I’m trying to promote when I’m leaving in 7 weeks!

Especially since I still have a ton to do before I’m even close to ready to leave for a two week summer camp followed by week long vacation on Tuesday

I have some serious prioritizing to do.

Summer Reads

Everyone else is doing it, so here’s my reading goals for the next 8 weeks.

*sighs to self* I am the craziest person who has ever lived…

Summer 2015 Reading List (Present – July 26th)

Jane Eyre

Pride and Prejudice


Northanger Abbey

Mansfield Park

Tale of Two Cities

David Copperfield


At least 2 Janette Oke books ( I own 6)

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

To Kill a Mockingbird



The Secret Garden

Any Book I’ve received from my grandmother and haven’t read yet (I’m a terribly lazy granddaughter…)


Any chance I can finish all of them? Absolutely not.

Am I still going to try 100%? Of course.

Am I insanely stupid? Probably!

What I’m Doing 6/4/2015


The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. One of my Mom’s favorite childhood books that I have never read. There are very few of those, however, and I think this may be one of only two left…

Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amana Grange. An attempt at retelling Pride and Prejudice through the eyes of Mr. Darcy as recorded in his diary. A rather poor attempt I think , but it’s an easy read and I loathe quitting a book unless I am really having a hard time sympathizing with the characters or getting into the story. Obviously I have never had that problem with an Austen theme book. Yet…

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens: I will finish this book! And Oliver Twist! And a Tale of Two Cities! Basically, I want to finish all except the Christmas stories this summer.


Doctor Who: Erin’s got me rewatching the first couple seasons of Doctor Who. I’d forgotten how wonderful Ten is… *sigh*

Phineas and Ferb: Yes, I am watching a children’s cartoon. I’m on a cartoon kick because the series will be ending soon, don’t judge me!

Mockingjay Part 1: My sister’s birthday just passed and she got Mockingjay Part 1 on Bluray and DVD. For her birthday I agreed to stay up until 1am to watch it with her even though we’d both been up 11pm – 1am for the past week because of play stuff.


Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon. This song is addicting! I love it!

Bad Blood remix by Taylor Swift.

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor

Select songs by Bruno Mars

What I Should Be/Need to Be Doing

Study for SAT this Saturday.

Work on Novel.

Pack for Vacation.

Work on nostalgic story for Erin.

Work on story pieces for Erin’s nostalgic story (I’ve started them! I promise!)

Prepare to leave for New Mexico in 8 weeks.

One Year Ago

I have officially been a blogger for one whole year.


Since a year ago I have moved across the country and become a legal adult. I’ve received the Billy Mitchell Award in Civil Air Patrol, changed my college plans 4 times in 4 months, done a play from backstage for the first time ever (will do a longer post on that in future), and have started preparations to go where I never thought I’d go for school.

In all it has been a wild ride and I only wish you’d been able to come along for more of it.

What I’ve learned through this whole year is that you can’t blog about everything. It’s weird to do recipe reviews alongside life lessons, with a dash of short stories. While preparing for the SAT I’ve considered posting essays I do for reading and reviewing by my dear readers, but that never has seemed to fit in anywhere.

Basically this whole year I’ve been trying to find my little corner of the blogsphere.

I don’t blog like my friend Erin who can do almost everything and it some how fits into her style of blog (seriously, I have know idea why but it’s true), I’m not like the typical writers/nanoers blogs who talk about writing and post bits of their stories.

However, I don’t want to make this a fitness blog either ( I kind of set up a separate one for that if anyone is interested in following my fitness climb).

It’s taken me a year to realize this, but I like talking about myself.

Well, that’s not entirely true actually…

In reality I feel awkward talking about myself too much, and it has nearly killed me to brag about myself on all these college applications. This is in complete contrast to my biggest vice, which would be pride.

Yes, I’m a prideful person with the most ridiculously strong honest streak ever, and can’t brag about herself for any application or friend in the world.

Oh, the irony.

So what i mean when I say I like talking about myself is that I like sharing my opinions, letting people know what I think, what I like, and what I’m doing.

With those facts in mind not only would it be almost fun (there’s my honest streak peeking out) but healthy for me to make this blog a bragging blog. Well, a Me blog I suppose would be the kinder term…

Now, don’t get to excited or self conscious.

I am not rich, I do not go on crazy expensive vacations every Summer to the beach, and I have never been to an amusement park, let alone ride a roller coaster, so this may end up being a dismal failure and the most boring blog in the history of Me blogs.

Seriously, I am the girl who either wins or comes in second during the “never have I ever” game, if any of you have played that before.

This blog will literally be me trying to overcome every self conscious bone in my body and live to the mantra that my old Drill Team leader, Lt Col W taught at a leadership class.

“No regrets.”

I can’t let something small I screw up on cling to me for the rest of my life.

It isn’t healthy, and with my career plans will jeopardize my future if I can’t nip it in the bud.

I have to learn to brag (on paper at least), accept who I am and the mistakes I make (that would be my pride there), and perhaps learn some time management as well.

That’s not to say every post I do will be me talking about my “feelings” or mistakes I’ve made, or things like that.

If I have something I wrote that I really want to share or a book I read I want to give my opinion on I will.

But I won’t force myself to write anything I don’t want to post.

This is no longer the mish mash blog I started it as, but I am now giving it a purpose.

Year One was finding my corner, and new friends, in this crazy little corner of the web.

Now this next year will be the true Year One, Year One for me to get this blog really going.

This year I’m making this blog Mine.

And now for the boring stats you really have no interest in, but that I want chronicled for five years from now.

Posts: 101

Views: 1,632

Visitors: 662

Best Views Ever: 36 views on Nov 5 2014

Followers: 93

Next year’s Blogiversary Post will be much cooler, I promise.

And I’m sorry if I restated a lot of what I said a couple posts back, but I felt like I needed to cement it, having only just come up with a plan on how to make this a real Me blog.