New Years

Avengers New Year

I really didn’t want to do a fanfic for Liam’s Short Story challenge, but this was the first thing I finished.

I hope to finish an originally one shortly, and get it posted January 1st as well.

But just in case, here is…

Avengers New Year

* What is this strange tube-like structure?” Thor asked.

Tony looked up, ready to yell at Thor for touching another electric fuse or half finished arc reactor models. He was surprised to find Thor actually held a harmless trinket he’d quite forgotten was there.

“Oh, that’s a slinky.”

“A slinky?” Thor asked, stretching the twisted object out. Tony snatched the slinky away from Thor who was about to tangle and/or break it as he answered.

“Yes. A kids toy. Doesn’t do much, just for entertaining brats.”

“Was this yours as a child then?” Thor asked.

“Yeah, I used to play with it before I realized there were more important things.”

“I remember that day,” a new voice said, entering the conversation. Pepper walked in with a grin on her face as she observed the mass of, well, massive people in her living room. “That was last week, wasn’t it?”

All the boys burst out laughing, except for Tony who scowled at Pepper.

“Very funny,” he muttered, and he went back to his tinkering.

“Would you all be quiet!” Natasha snapped. “I’m trying to watch the ball drop!”

“The ball won’t even start dropping for another two hours, loosen up!” Clint laughed, and he took another sip sparkling cider from his glass. It had been agreed by most of those present that the alcohol should be held back until Midnight. Needless to say, Tony was not one who had agreed.

“I can certainly say New Years Eve has become a much bigger deal to folks since my time,” Steve Rogers remarked as he looked out the window. The group were in Tony’s  New York place for the holidays, and Tony being Tony had insisted on an excellent view of Times square. Above the buildings the crystal ball waited to count down the last minutes until the New Year.

“Everyone is always in a mood for a party, Cap,” Tony remarked. “Always on the look out for new holidays and a new excuse to not go to work, or complain about going if you have too.”

“My family used to eat black eyed peas and greens every New Years, for good luck,” Clint remarked, watching some new break out artist perform in Times Square on the tv set.

“We do not celebrate New Years on Asgard,”Thor shared, as he swiped the slinky back from tony. “We celebrate the anniversaries of battles, and kings Could someone show me how children find a ball of metal entertaining?”

“What about you Bruce, any New Years traditions?” Natasha inquired of her friend, as Steve lead Thor towards the stairs, Tony following after insisting on seeing to the safety of a childhood memento.

“Not really,” Bruce said, spinning the sparkling cider in the glass he held. “Just a family dinner, and stuff. Haven’t done that for some years now,”

“Neither have I,” Pepper replied, taking a seat on the couch next to Natasha.

“Well, then this is a treat!” Clint proclaimed. “All of us who never celebrate anything get to have fun on the last day of the year!”

And with that decleration, a great clash came from up above, and three Avengers tumbled down the stairs, busting holes In the wall and splintering the banister.

“Thor! You don’t chase the slinky downstairs! You let it go and then catch it!” Steve shouted, rubbing his head at the bottom of the stairs.

“My apologies, I don’t think I fully understand this game,” Thor said, rising from the wreckage.

“Shhh!!! That ball!” Natasha shouted.

Sure enough, the ball was beginning to move, as all of New York counted down the last minute of 2014.

Pepper hurried to prepare the wine glasses, full of real wine this time, and Tony moved to help her. Thor went to watch the “magic box” with Clint, Natasha, and Dr. Banner. Steve stood by the window, and looked out, watching as the real ball moved slowly down wards.

!0, 9, 8…. Tony and Pepper returned and passed out glasses… 5,4,3,

Steve took a deep breath as the fireworks started.