Month: November 2014

November 7: NaNo Week 1 Report

Well, I am sitting at my computer desk, staring at a document I’ve been working since before NaNo started, and have actually been crafting for two years now, and I can’t write a word.

I think I missed a monster in my NaNo Wood Walk through, and it is taking its revenge on me for that.

Most people have muses, and they are the mystic writing deities we humbly beg to assist us in our quests and missions through the NaNo woods. We offer them sacrifices of caffeine, Chocolate, sleep, exercise, daylight, Chores, School Work, and even our own brain cells during this crazy month.

I’ve only just figured out what my muse is.

I am fairly certain my muse isn’t quite a muse at all.

I swear it is a crazy satyr marching around my head with some sort of club that controls the door to the imagination well from which my writer’s gifts come.

For those Percy Jackson fans out there, think Coach Hedge marching around in your mind palace shouting “Give me 20 words now! Where are you again? A stable? Where are the horses! The place should reek of them, give me reek! What’s this now? A ball? forget it Twinkle Toes! Break this slow dance up with a nice army of tap dancing zombies with M16s NOW!”

Of course, he’s currently sitting in a corner pouting, “Oh? you forgot to mention me? Don’t even know I’m here? Fine then, see how well you write with this little stream of plot lines cut off”, and away he goes to close the nice door that acts like a dam for my imagination.

Rather annoying, but I’m almost glad to find my source of muse-like wisdom is a half goat man with a baseball bat. While I like writing pretty verses and stories of tall muses with dark flowing hair, none of them seemed to click as the kind of source of inspiration I had somewhere in my head.

And with that compliment, my goat man is reopening my imagination well, and begrudgingly is allowing me the ideas I need to continue writing.

Tip #6 For Winning NaNo: When all else fails, compliment the goat man in your head.

Now, before Coach Pen gets mad again, an actual report.

Current Word Count: 10, 332

My Words Per Day: 1,476

Target Average Words per Day: 1,667

Words Remaining: 39,668

Days remaining: 24

Projected Finish Date: Dec 4, 2014

Words per day To Finish On Time: 1,653

What about you other NaNoers? How are you all doing?

TCWT November Blog Chain (Late)

Wow, this is late guys, sorry.
I got kind of caught up with stuff.

This month’s prompt is very different from the usual ones. It challenges the participants to let individual words express themselves, rather then sentences or paragraph or stories.
It also begs a question that has a hundred and one million different answers.
I hope you enjoy (or at least can understand) mine.

Here is the prompt for the November Blog chain.

Use pictures and individual words to show what, to you, is the essence of being a teenager.





















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And So It Begins…

Today, thousands of people have disappeared from reality.
No, don’t panic! They’ll be fine.
Well, in 30 days they’ll be fine… for now, do all you can to avoid them. The person you once knew so well is gone, forget them! Their minds are in another world, and their bodies are but shells that remain stuck in this measured time.
If you encounter anyone who bears a laptop or a notebook in the next few days, and you see them writing or typing or staring off into space, DO NOT TOUCH THEM!
Leave them alone, do not even SPEAK to them!
If interaction is called for, give them chocolate and/or coffee, say what you must, and then run!
If you can, wait until Thanksgiving for any conversation.
It is the one day of this challenging time that draws these creatures from their dens of crumbled paper and dim laptops.

That is the best and simplest advice for any outsiders.

But I am not naive enough to think that outsiders only need advice…
So, for ye who are about to embark on this grand adventure, I have collected a certain number of monsters which you will encounter, and whom you must slay to claim your 50,000 word prize.

The first monster you will face will be one or a dozen (probably a dozen) small and cute bunny rabbits. Beware of them! They are the plot bunnies. They will be the children of the bunny that started you on this epic quest. Some of these bunnies will offer you nice little plot devices and characters for your novel. Some that is, but not all. Beware! There are some that dress in rabbits’ fur, but are demons bunnies. They will attempt to lure you away from the story you’ve begun, and change your entire plot, bringing it crashing to pieces around you.
Beware of plot bunnies.

The next monster you are likely to encounter is a dark knight astride a two headed horse. He is the Sir Word-Ego. He will tease you and taunt you about your word counts. He will make you write more and more until you get a whole week ahead! Then he will smile and nod, and say to you, “good job! Now you can stop writing for a week you’re so ahead!”
Woe to those who heed his honey words!
If one stops writing in November for more then a day, then one will never finish.

After Sir Word-Ego you will come to a great stone bridge. It will be guarded by three trolls, the most bothersome creatures you’ve met. They are the Author Trolls. They guard the bridges that cross the Chasm of Middle. The Chasm of Middle is a great canyon, a rift in the noveler’s world. It crosses right at the epic climax in every author’s stories. Crossing it means you are sure to finish. T
he Trolls are there to make sure you don’t.
They dance about you and taunt you, pointing at the great array of bridges that stretch up and down the rift.
“Look and see! look and see!” they crow and giggle like children. “Those are the real authors’ bridges! They are great! You are not! They are great! You are not!”
These trolls love to plant doubt and fear in a writer’s mind. They compare them to Tolkien and Chesterton and Robert Louis Stevenson.
If you give into the trolls taunting, you will never cross the Chasm of Middle, and your story will be a lonely orphan.

Assuming you make it past the Trolls, you will then face the final beast. The Sevens. They are the final week of your challenge, and will plague you, urging you to write faster, then slower; they’ll beg you to skip school and chores.
Some of the sevens can be nice, and will encourage you. Most will delight in causing you stress that makes you crash and burn and fail.

What a lot of monsters right?

Don’t worry!
If you just follow these Five steps you’ll do fine.

1. Write.
2. Go about your daily life as much as possible
3. Write.
4. Don’t listen to trolls or other monsters who try to convince you that there is no point to your writing.
5. Write

Good luck!
May NaNoWriMo begin!!!