Month: October 2014

I’m late! I’m late!

My greatest apologies to Erin for forgettigng this!
I was nominated last week for the Best blogging Buddies award by Erin of the Upstairs Archives, and i feel very bad for forgetting this.
In my defense, it takes ages to answer and come up with 15 questions, let alone nominate people.

The rules are as follows.
1) You must make a post to show your award on your main blog.

2) You must tag the person who nominated you in your post.

3) You must nominate all of your best buddies, and those whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated, for this award.

4) You must ask your buddies at least 15 questions on your post.

5) You must answer all of the questions your buddies ask you. On your post.

First, I shall answer Erin’s questions.

1. If society was clipped up Divergent-style and you had to pick a faction, which of these factions would you choose: Truth Seekers (scholars, archaeologists and explorers), Protectors (military and police forces), Aristocracy (leaders and rulers), or Underworld (spies, black-ops units)?

Hmmm…. okay, first off, that would be an awesome world. Second, I’d probably be in the underworld, because I can see that as being a kind of combination of the other factions you listed.

2. Are you more like Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes? (Be honest and objective! :-P)

Your’e annoying. If i was brutally honest, I’d have to say I can be a tad more like Mycroft from time to time, but I don’t like sitting behind a desk (excluding all blogging and writing commitments ๐Ÿ˜› ) and would rather be in the middle of the action.

3. For the library aficionados, what book do you not own that you would like to read again?

King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. I was just about to head over and request it because my closest library doesn’t have it so it will have to be sent from another library in the metro system.

4. If you could re-write any pop culture catchphrase, which one would you re-write and what would it mean in its new form? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Uhg… umnmm… I’d rewrite “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” to “when life gives you lemons it means you’re doing something right.” i hope that answers the question…

5. Whatโ€™s your number one underdeveloped character in a published work? (I mean, who is your favorite character that you wish the author had developed more?)

Hmm… I have a favorite background character who needs a spin-off, but I feel like she was fairly well developed… ummm… I think maybe Arya from the Inheritance cycle. It could just be because we only really saw her from Eragon’s POV, and he mooned over her like a love sick puppy, so I felt like I didn’t know her as well as the other characters.

6. Frozen or Rise of the Guardians? Why?

Frozen. I adore any movie that gives me a plot twist i never saw coming. Rise of the Guardians is amazing (hello, huge Jelsa shipper right here) but I love rewatching Frozen even more then RotG.

7. Tangled or Brave? Why?

You’re really annoying, you know that? gah! I’d have to say Brave because A) Celtic soundtrack. Total win there B) Though Merida was impetuous and didn’t stop to think, she wasn’t as naive Rapunzel, and I like characters that are head strong.

8. Do you prefer birdwatching or stargazing? Why?

Hmm… well, I don’t often do either, but I’d have to say stargazing. I love the stars, and the idea of space… I did an independent study on astronomy when I was 11, and i still have a fascination with that great expanse. Also, it’s much easier for me to pick out stars and constellations (when i know what I’m looking for) then birds. It takes me like five minutes to see one that my friends or sister spotted ages ago.

9. Favorite Lion King character and song!

Ahg! You are so dead for doing this to me!!!!! I always liked Nola… Simba was just too… too much of a boy. Favorite song is Be Prepared. My first ever CD that I owned was the Lion King soundtrack. I got it when I was like 5 or 6, and me and my sister would climb all over our room and the furniture and would pretend to be lions. Be Prepared was our favorite one to act out for some weird reason.

10. When youโ€™re about to leave the house, whatโ€™s the first thing you grab?

A book.

11. Do you prefer the forest, mountains, or ocean?

I shall say mountains, because I feel like most mountains have forests, so I can cheat and give two answers. ๐Ÿ˜›

12. Do you sing in the shower?

Yeah, ummm… NO! I am one of the normal people who don’t do that.

13. Gardening or fiber crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet) or sports? Favorite sport?

favorite sport to do, running or soccer. Favorite sport to watch, Baseball.

14. Do you have a particular official spot where you hang out with friends? (Mine was the library in my hometown. Now it looks like being Barnes&Noble, since itโ€™s close to the universityโ€ฆ)

hmm… here, i guess the airport where i have CAP since my fellow cadets are the closest people I have to friends at the moment. Before I moved, I’d probably have to say my church basement.

15. Apples, oranges, grapes, or strawberries?

*whispers in sinister voice* Strawberries… ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, my questions for the nominees!

1. Do you like running?
2. Football or football?
3. SAT or ACT? Or, are you from where those aren’t required for college?
4. Royals or Giants?
5. Music or dancing?
6. Breakfast or supper?
7. would you rather go traveling with a dwarf or an elf?
8. East or West?
9. North or South?
10. Quiz or Test?
11. Nose or Mouth?
12. did you notice I rhymed the last 4 questions?
13. Do you now feel silly for not noticing?
14. Do you like the #7?
15. What is your opinion on hashtags (#)?

And now my nominees are… *drum roll*


Seriously guys, i don’t have time to go nominate people right now, so do me a favor and accept this nomination so I don’t have to go and waste an hour of my life nominating people when I should be studying about the different orders of bird, or how to find x.

If you do reply to the nomination, please link to your blog in here in the comments so I can go see your answers!

Have fun!

P.S. PLEASE answer questions #4 for me!!!! Even if it’s just in the comments, i would love to know who you’re rooting for this World Series. ๐Ÿ™‚


A Challenge

I am assigning myself a challenge.

Every day for a week I am going to write 1k words. This will be a kind of warm up for NaNo, and help me get my word count juices flowing.

It will also give me a solid start on my novel to build off of during November, but shhhh… don’t tell anyone I’m cheating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course, those 7k word WILL NOT count towards my 50k. They’ll just be bonus words in my novel.

Alright, that is all.

Remember, NaNo starts in 7 days!!!

Who all is participating?

Link me to your NaNo pages if you want me as a writing buddy, if I’m not already. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m In shock, I’ve got a hoodie!

This post will not be very well composed as it is me trying to freak out in a calm post-like manner.
I can tell now it will fail.
Last night I saw Thor 2: The Dark World for the first time ever, and guys….
This movie has made me go more nuts then any movie previously.
I swear they must have gotten Moffat to come and give the directors and writers of the marvel movies a lecture series on playing with a fangirl’s heart, because it had everything in there!
Loki was more awesome then ever, Thor was much nicer then he was in the first, but I wish we got a bit more character development from him, and seen his frustration with being King a bit more then we did.
It was amazing to see Jane and I liked seeing how much she did to help the save day.
I continue to be unsure if I actually like Odin or not… and whether I want a particular fate for him…


This will now be my fan-girl freak out.
Okay, as mentioned in my heroes and Villains posts of the past, I like a nice evil villain who has truly bad intentions. Loki is the only exception to the rule.
I love Loki. he had so much character development in Thor 2, and I’m sorry, but the scene where he finds out his mother dies, and then Thor comes to see him…. AHHHHH!!!!!! Heartwrenching!
I loved all the banter between Loki and Thor, it felt so brotherly, even when Thor and his friends were telling Loki they would not hesitate to kill him.

Now, I know what you’re waiting for… Loki’s fate.
That was, I mean… total Moffat right there! I nearly sobbed (okay, I did sob, and i hate crying at movies so that’s big). And Eric’s question… and Thor’s reaction… and did he know that was Loki sitting there?!



In conclusion, and for those of you who did not read the spoilers, let me just say this.

This movie was emotionally what a full length Sherlock movie would be.

7 Days Until 1989

What? is the world about to turn into a huge time machine? I wish!
But no, we are not actually going back to 1989.
This is the title of Taylor Swift’s new album that will be coming out in exactly 7 days.

I am super excited for this!

Taylor Swift’s music has been a constant companion of mine since I was 12 and first heard Fearless.
No matter what it is that gets me down, I’ve always been able to find a Taylor Swift song that hits the heart of whatever problem I’ve been facing recently.

Her music is inspirational.

I am a singer. I love to sing, I love music, I’m a naturally musical person (yet i don’t play any instruments.. odd right?).

In all the genres of music I’ve ever listened to (quite a wide spread to be honest) Taylor Swift is the only artist who’s music i must memorize and sing over and over again. I have never gotten sick of any of her music ever (though the radios were pushing it with I Knew you Were Trouble every hour two years ago).

There is something about Taylor’s music that is magical.

Every single one of her albums has a sound all it’s own! Not one song on any of them sounds like it came from another album. All To Well could only be from Red, and Sparks Fly is the perfect example of the feel of Speak Now.
It takes her two years to write out the last bits of her last album, and move on to finish a new one, but I don’t think anyone would complain after hearing the finished product.
If it takes two years to make that, then take another two, and do it again!

What’s also important about Taylor Swift is the message in her songs.

How many artists these days sing of Prince Charmings and true love and that feeling of being swept off your feet and into something new with just a hello? Not many, and it’s most often Disney (though most recently they’ve been shying away and patronizing the feminists… On that note, I retract the statement that it’s mostly Disney. Even they’re falling flat… but that’s for another post!).

This is a fact: Very few people any more believe in marriage, family, and love of the purest kind.

This is almost singularly a Christian viewpoint now a days, and that’s truly sad.

Taylor Swift has at least one song on every album dedicated to a happy ending, and true love.

Taylor Swift: Mary’s Song (Oh my my my…)

Fearless: Change, Love Story,

Speak Now: Mine, Ours,

Red: Stay Stay Stay, Everything Has Changed, Begin Again

Now, these songs alone would single her out from every other artist today. Her every album though breaks the typical mold of “popular music”. her albums have songs on family, and growing up, and I’ve yet to hear her bow down to political correctness, and playing to the minorities, and I pray she never does.
After her true love and happy ending songs, there are the family and growing up songs.
These describe the fear of growing out of childhood, and the comfort and love of family and friends.

Taylor Swift: A Place in This World

Fearless: The Best Day

Speak Now: Mean, Never grow Up

Red: 22, The Lucky One

And of course, we have the break up songs and temporary Red loves.

A word on these; most people claim all Taylor writes is break up songs.

Looking back at the past lists, do you think that’s true?
And even in the songs that are left on each album, about 50% of them are temporary loves that were happy and good while they lasted, and the songs reflect that. They didn’t end tragically because with someone cheating and getting caught, or anything similar. They just weren’t meant to be, and that was good. They were happy and full of good memories.

I really don’t like it when people accuse Taylor Swift of filling her music with sad break up songs based on her own life. It’s ridiculous, and quite rude to be honest.

Why I think Taylor Swift’s music is so special above all is she’s honest in it. She never writes anything unless she truly means every word of it, and it has some meaning to her, because you can feel that in the music! You can feel how much this song means because she poured herself into it, just like authors pour themselves into their novels.

To accuse her of only writing break up songs and being really depressing is rude because you aren’t insulting her music, you are insulting her personally.

So please, take this into consideration. You may remark that you don’t care for a specific song, and that’s fine! It may not be in the style you really like. If you’re a hard core country fan, you probably aren’t big on her latest albums, and if you’re a pop fan, you probably have never even heard her early stuff, and that’s fine! But don’t start calling her traitor to your genre of music, and start making personal attacks.

Note: I am mostly referring to people who’ve renounced all of Taylor Swift’s music, and started insulting it as a whole, not those who are critical of one or a few songs. There is a big difference, believe me, and I don’t want to insult anyone. I am not trying to force you to like Taylor. Just if you don’t, please do not insult her.

Okay, that is way more then enough doom and gloom!

Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 comes out next Monday! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can not wait!

Also, seeing as I get my SAT scores that day, I may or may not hope to convince my Mom of getting me to the store pronto after learning what they are, so I can either celebrate a victory, or mourn my further death in January.

Okay, this was a rather choppy post, and I apologize. I didn’t have much time to put it together. ๐Ÿ˜›
Also, when i get onto a topic I’m really patient about, my writing tends to break out of a nice mold and do exactly what we’re warned not to do when writing essays.

Award Time!

Okay, so today I’ve done very little that is actually productive besides NaNo and some school.
I wasn’t planning on posting, but the wonderful Robyn of Spiral Bound has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the
World Bloggers award.


Thanks Robyn!

“Waste Not Want not”, as Kit’s Aunt Millie always, say I have wasted no time in reply to the award.

The rules are simple.
Thank the one who nominated you (check!)
Post logo on blog (also check!)
Answer ten questions.
Nominate ten Bloggers.
Ask them ten questions.

Ten Questions:

1: What is your favorite Musical

That’s cheating! You can’t ask me my FAVORITE musical! It doesn’t exist! I mean, I LOVE musicals. A singular favorite does not exist.
*sigh* I shall name one, however. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. this was the first musical I truly performed in (and so far the only one) and so it has a special place with me…

2: If you could guest star in any TV show, which show and who would you be?

Doctor Who. I’d prefer being the Companion, but that isn’t a guest star role. So I would guest star as the friend who helps the Doctor, like Jenny or Clara from the Victorian Christmas special before she was the companion, who the Doctor really likes, and is ready to ask her to come, and then dies tragically and he is left to hold her and cry and nearly kill her murderer from grief.
That’s not disturbing of me is it? O_o

3: Do you have a favorite number?

I do. *silence* Sorry, did you want to know what it was? Okay, well you didn’t ask… but I’ll say. it’s 5, actually. I love 5. Five is such a good round number, and is so often over looked.

4: What is your favorite thing about autumn?

The smell. Something about autumn makes it so different… all the other seasons have their perfumes, like flowers and cinnamon, but only autumn is tangible. It actually smells crisp. It smells how it feels and there is magic in that.

5: Whatโ€™s your favorite girly thing to do with your sister/female cousin/best friend?

Hmmm… I’m not truly a girly-girl most of the time… but I love to fangirl and discuss movies and favorite *cough* actors with my sister, my friends, my cousins…. so yeah.

6: Best movie youโ€™ve see this year?

Well… I must say either Iron Man 3 or How To Train Your Dragon 2. Both were amazing action packed tragic stories of awesomness.

7: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Hmm… I have always liked Leslie… I’d have to say Leslie or Clarisse.

8: How do you feel about chick-flicks?

I love a good chick-flick now and again, but I do steer more towards the action movies. I do love the Fault in our Stars and Charlie St. Cloud. Some Nicholas Sparks as well, but I’m not a huge chick-flick movie goer.

9: GIFs?

Love em! Don’t know how to post them or make them, but love them!

10: Favorite female author?

That depends on what time period we’re talking about… Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte if we’re talking 18th – early 19th century. Louisa May Alcott for 19th. Madeline Le’Engle for 20th. Suzanne Collins for 21st.

Now for my questions for the nominees!
1: What’s the color you associate most with autumn?
2: What’s the worst movie you ever saw?
3: What’s better? Regular Apple Cider or Hot Apple Cider?
4: What book are you reading right now?
5: Is there a Christmas radio station already going where you live? (There is where I live, and I just think that’s ridiculous! It’s not even Halloween yet!)
6: Would you like a question that doesn’t have to do with the time of year or the holidays?
7: What was your first fandom?
8: What’s your favorite childhood show that you would watch again today?
9: Greek Gods or Roman Gods?
10: Did you answer all these questions truthfully? Give and answer that does not include yes or no.

And my nominees are!






Okay… so that was just five… but five IS my favorite number! And I’m out of time to work on this.

Feel free to answer the questions in you comments even if you weren’t nominated!
If you were, answer them on your blog please. ๐Ÿ™‚

NaNoWriMo Approaches!


It is official!!!!

They have updated the NaNoWriMo site, and I’m all ready to go!


To be honest, I haven’t been to excited for NaNo this year. It’s like all my enthusiasm was just drained from my by the evil Anti-Wrimo Goblin (ooohhh… I must remember that creature!). I only just reclaimed my thirst for writing a novel in 30 days on Friday, when I reversed a previous decision.

I will NOT be starting a new novel.

I will be finishing a previous one that I have been working on for at least two camps and one NaNo. I Have been working on this for about two years now and am finally ready to complete the FINAL (Read: Fourth) Draft.

This will entail redrawing maps, redoing character sketches, and rewriting approximately 2/3 of the book.

With so much work, I will be cheating just a little by starting some of the revisions in the coming weeks prior to November 1st. I feel this will be necessary to give me a solid foundation for the work in November, so I’m not constantly changing things, and will have a solid idea of how to end this book.

I will not count any writing prior to November 1st in my official word count!

I will write the full 50,000 words in 30 days!

I pledge to you all here today that on November 30th I will complete NaNo with these two words.

The End.

Please help me keep to this.

To help keep myself motivated I will be posting updates on my revision process. You don’t HAVE to read them, just comment a positive encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

What I Am Doing 10/10/14

Ooohhh… I should really remember to do these, especially when I have nothing else to post.

What I Am reading:

The Book Thief by Marc Zusak: I got this for my Birthday almost a year ago and am only just reading it. I know, not very polite of me, but I’ve been busy. Very good so far.

Hitler by Albert Marrin: An excellent biography on the creepiest creep the human race has ever produced. Note, this is a school book, not something I’m reading because I’m some kind of weird modern day Nazi. I am quite possibly the farthest thing from that.

Divergent by Veronica Roth: I love this book. This a re-read for me. One of the things I find when i read this is that I connect with Tris on a very deep level. Her own journey reminds me of my own, in a way, and gives me a kind of mental boost to pursue what I want.

Up Your Score: Yep, SAT prep book. This one is good though, trust me. It is awesome, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

What I’ve just finished:

House of Hades by Rick Riordan: The worst book he has ever written, and yet I confess I’ve read it twice, sort of. The first time I kind of skimmed every part except for Annabeth and Percy. This was technically my first time reading it all the way through. Still the worst book he’s ever written. Its only redeeming qualities is Frank’s character growth, Leo’s time in Oogia, and Percabeth in Tartarus. Everything else, the sloppy writing, nonsensical character changes (obviously frank’s is not included among those) and over all unorganized time line. The only reason I reread it was to prepare for Blood of Olympus which, alas, I will be reading. I must find out what happens to the characters I DO care about, sloppy writing or no!

Memories of Anne Frank: This one I read for school. Rather short, but a good read. I finished it in a cold tent in 4 hours.

Saint John Paul the Great by John Evert: I love this book! A must read!

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: Epicness! I couldn’t believe that people were saying it was better then Cinder, especially since it was mostly following this new character Scarlet. Then I read it, and was blown away!

What I’m listening to:

Taylor Swift Shake it Off: I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan. I have been since Fearless, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I love it that each of her albums has a different sound, and I love how her music has progressed through the years. Sue me, but she is the only artist who I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of any of her music ever.

Thomas Bergeson: His music is great for Plotting and Noveling, not necessarily in that order. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maddie and Tae Girl in a Country Song: I love country music ๐Ÿ™‚

What I am Watching:

Doctor Who: Re-watching Ten with younger siblings, and some Eleven. It makes me feel much better about the pain this show brings me when i can go back and share it with my younger siblings. ๐Ÿ˜€

Revolution: Season Two is finally on netflix!

Percy Jackson Seas of Monsters: If they don’t make a third movie I will be really mad. They came back really well after the first one was a semi-flop, so to leave it there is just wrong. i really liked this movie, and they did a much better adaption of the book (and Stanley Tucci as Dionysus and Anthony Head as Chiron!) so they better not decide to drop the ball now!
Also, I really liked Clarisse after all. I was kind of worried about how they’d portray her since they got a skinny beauty queen to play her, but she wasn’t bad.


Crew: yep, still rowing in the dropping temperature. I hope to find my lovely field jacket (read, military coat) before my next regatta.

Civil Air Patrol: Just joined a new squadron.. sort of? Still doesn’t show on my CAP account, and I still haven’t gotten confirmation of the transfer. This is my first transfer, so i don’t know what’s up.

SAT: Oh the glorious Slimy and Atrocious Torture. I shall be enduring this tomorrow morning, oh joy.

Hello? Is anyone there? : An original story piece

Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hello?

If you can, pay very close attention.

You are, at this very moment, in terrible and immediate danger.

I can’t say exactly what that danger is, because it’s not real. Not in the sense that the chair in which you are sitting is real, or how the coffee mug that sits in your cupboard is real.
The danger is real, but not real in your world.

No! Stop! Don’t you dare leave!

I’m not crazy!

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but don’t stop reading this! I swear by the end, you’ll want to curl up in your bed, and pray that they don’t find you. Because if they do, if they sneak into your room in the dark of night, the only sound you’ll hear is the clock. The clock that doesn’t exist. The clock that ticks through all of time and space, counting down each life to it’s sudden and inevitable end.

And that is the most terrifying part of it all.

The danger that lurks over your shoulder, listening to your words, and seeing your life pass by. Waiting, always waiting. waiting until the night comes.
The darkest night.
A night where bad things happen. When black cats are afraid of coming out of there dens, and owl keep there silence. You can never tell when one of these nights will be. They start out like ordinary nights, with frogs croaking in the willows, and owls calling from the trees. then it stops. It all stops.

When you hear what can not be heard, then they are there.
At this point, there is only one thing that will save you.

Don’t turn around.
Don’t look at them, don’t even think about them.
Don’t turn around, not even when the wind ceases to be heard. When the frogs stop their croaks, and the owls flee the woods… don’t turn around!

Oh, listen… I can hear them.

I can hear them now, growing silent, they’re songs ceasing.

I can feel the ice creep across the floor, drawing closer. I feel the dark hand grasp my shoulder as it leans over me, reading my last testimony. I can feel its mouth, or variation there of, twist up into a cocky grin. No longer, I can stand it no longer…

I turn and look over my shoulder.

Author’s Note: It was so much creepy fun writing this! And what is it with me and clocks and drums these days? And what a treat for you! two posts in a row! I had to post the first, because… well, I don’t know. it felt right showing you how my weird mind works. i hope you enjoyed this, and since it is the month of All Hallow’s Eve (doesn’t that sound more frightening and medieval to you? Much less cheesy then its modern name… and yes, I know it’s technically old English or something for eve of All saints. It still sounds creepy!) you can expect some similar tales in future.

A search for Inspiration

I have nothing to write about.

I have a million little plots all swirling in my head, but not one of them I feel capable of writing in the worthy light which they deserve.

Notice I did not say demand.

Anyway, why am I blogging if I can’t even write?

Because i can.

I can rattle off a dozen random facts when I have nothing better to do.
I can list off favorite shows, favorite plot twists, favorite characters who are animals…. but I can’t sit down and write a story.

Why can’t I?

No idea.

i’m hoping writing about nothing will get me to eventually write about something.
It is often said that when you can’t write, just write anyway. Just write random things, and eventually you’ll be inspired.

So this is me, writing random things, and hoping to be inspired.

Random thing #1: I just finished a bowl of chili.

Random thing #2: I still have not seen any episodes of season 8 of Doctor Who.

Random thing #3: … I am inspired!

Rocks and Life

Life is like a rock.

Sometimes it rests on the bottom of a creek, and lets the waters smooth its rough edges. Other times it is kicked up from the soil, and tumbles down to slam onto your foot.

The last couple days of September my life was kicked off the side of a cliff, slammed into my skull, and then preceded to knock me down another cliff.

I got very frustrated with myself. I was behind with my school, I’d worked out for an hour every morning for four weeks and yet did not see nor feel any change. I was feeling quite a bit like a failure.

I still do, a little bit.

But today is October 1st.

The first of a new month in a new season. These days are the most magical days of all, and simply scream of possibilities.

New smells, new trees, new views, new books.

It is a time of new beginnings.

People say that spring is the season of new life, with a fresh start.
I’m not going to say that’s not true, but I think that it has a twin season in fall.
In fall the trees shed their similar cloaks of green and stand individual in bright shades of oranges, reds, and golds, and even some purples.

In fall you shed the skin of summer and adopt a new identity, a new truth of yourself.
It’s a time to re-evaluate who you are, and where you are going.
There are three months left in the year.
Twelve weeks.
So much can happen in twelve weeks if you let it.
October is the month to let them start.
It’s the time to decide how you are going to finish out your year.
Will you be the same person you were in January?
Will you throw off the old skin which you’ve borne, like a butterfly breaking free from its chrysalis?
Or do you need more time as you are?

I have a lot I want to accomplish before December 31st, and some of it I may not get done.
But that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that I try my hardest to finish them all, even if I don’t succeed.
As long as I try my hardest I have succeeded in something.
So that is what I must do; I must throw myself into a great pool of perseverance, and swim as best I can amid the rapids.
I must swim through each day, and take a stroke at a time, using each to accomplish something new.

Every project, every book, every word.
Every breath of life I must take and use to its fullest potential.

After all that is what life is.

A collection of breaths used for a single purpose.
Every thing takes a certain amount of breath.
Every push up, every paint stroke, every page read.

What matters the most is to decide what you’re going to create with it.

What will you make of your numbered heart beats, of your numbered breaths?

That is what October is all about for me.

Living my life to the fullest, and learning to let go of the wasted breaths of the past.

PS: Yes, I know it is October 2nd. I was unable to post this last night as planned, so you’ll just have to pretend I did ๐Ÿ˜›