Month: March 2015

Pet Peeve of the Week

This year is my senior year.

I will be graduating in 9 weeks.

My senior prom which no one calls a prom because apparently current public high schooler lack of maturity combined with the …can’t think of a word for it of the catholic homeschool group where i live (I miss our old group, Erin 😦 ) means prom is considered something dirty, so homeschoolers have to have a “teen formal”. In April. With a theme.

*throws hands up in air*

If that wasn’t bad enough, the theme is….

Hawaiian !!!!



If your going to make such a big deal about doing proper dances, and having dance cards, and it not being a “prom” the least you could do is have a classic theme! Like, I don’t know, German fairytales, the 40s, Masked ball, French revolution… Meet me in St. Louis!!! Something cool! Not a dumb Hawaiian theme.

My first and last prom is going to be cheesy Hawaiian.

I should have graduated a year early myself, even if that is my second pet peeve of all time (I’ll post on that another time).

And that is what is annoying me today/probably for the rest of my life.

Things That Stress Me

  1. Getting 24 hours notification that I have to apply for training i had no intention of going to because if I don’t i can’t do this awesome summer thing.
  2. Applying for stuff.
  3. Waiting to be notified about applications
  4. Not doing school.
  5. Not working out
  6. Eating lots of cookies
  7. Not getting replies to very important and time sensitive e-mails.
  8. Not getting e-mails at all.
  9. growing up

Guess what I am doing right now?

  1. Getting 24 hours notification that I have to apply for training i had no intention of going to because if I don’t i can’t do this awesome summer thing.
  2. Applying for stuff.
  3. Waiting to be notified about applications.
  4. Not doing school.
  5. Not working out
  6. Eating lots of cookies
  7. Not getting replies to very important and time sensitive e-mails.
  8. Not getting e-mails at all.
  9. growing up

Diagnosis? 100% Stressed.

Sunday Share: Why the Hustle?

So this morning during breakfast, I was thinking.

Why is it so much work to get ready to go to mass?

For as long as I can remember my family has treated getting ready for mass like a kind of race/ceremony/ I-don’t-know-what.

My Mom lays out cloths for the little ones, me and my sister hurry to get all dressed up and do our hair and makeup, and my dad helps the boys with their hair.

I am certain that it is never is so much work to go out otherwise, even somewhere big like the zoo.


I have absolutely no idea.

It just seems like the hustle to get ready is an ingrained part of Sunday.

What are your thoughts? Does your family have a kind of Sunday routine that is a bit different from your regular going-out routine?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

And yes, I have noticed that I’ve forgotten to do a Faithful Friday post in a while.

I have not been suitably inspired, you could say.

Not good, but I’ll see what I can do for this Friday.

Oh, and guess what?!

I am less then ten followers away from having 100 followers!

I am so excited!

And… yeah, that’s pretty much it, but isn’t that exciting?

TCWT March: I’m Sick of Novels

No, not really, but I thought it a fitting a title because of this month’s prompt.

Also, shock value! ;-P

Okay, to the point… or, prompt.

“What are your thoughts on reading or writing books in non-novel formats? Are there any you’ve particularly enjoyed?”

This is actually well timed.

This past Friday my church was having a fish fry. To be fair, I must say I did not want to go. I had kind of spent 4 hours practicing old 60s songs for a play so i kind of just wanted to chill at home. But I did go, and ended up playing bingo with my siblings and some other people. It turned out they had prizes for the winners. I won, and got a lovely antique collection of american poetry.

This is one of my all time favorite non-novel formats for creative writing.

I grew up memorizing and studying classic poetry.

My all time favorite poet is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Almost every single one of my favorite poems he has written.

For the longest time poetry was my number one form of writing.

I’ve actually won a couple poetry contests.

I love the different rhythms of poetry, and how the author’s style differs depending on the subject matter.

For instance, Paul Revere’s Ride differs from The Psalm of Life not only on subject, but in the sound of the poem (BTW Paul Revere’s Ride is my all time favorite poem).

Poetry is a chance to be descriptive without describing a thing, if you like to do that. I love poems on a single object, or view, that turns this ordinary object into something magical by not saying what it is about.

When writing a novel, you can’t just ramble on about a window without specifying it is a window. In poetry, you have more freedom. You don’t have to say it’s a window.

The way I see it, poetry is permission to be vague and over descriptive all at once.

It is permission to use more adjectives then is permissible in novels.

When you write poetry, you can throw a hood over your writers eyes, give them a bunch of descriptive passionate words, and let them draw the pictures.

It takes the pressure off writers who ask their proof readers “do you picture this? Do I need less adjectives, more adjectives?”

In poetry, there is no right or wrong answer.

There’s what the author thinks, and what this reader thinks, and that reader…

Well, that’s what i think anyway.

Poetry is a beautiful mixture of words into a certain pattern. It could be a rhyming couplet, a haiku, or just some abstract idea that has a kind of rhythm that sounds good to.

I typically use the latter.

The point is, in poetry you have real freedom of expression, even more so then when you write a story.

In a story, you want to keep your readers attention through out it. you need a certain amount of characters, a certain amount of action,a  begging middle and end.

In poetry, anything goes.

What about you? Who’s your favorite poet? poem? have you ever tried your hand at writing poetry/ Why or why not?

And I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a whole long schedule for this month. If any one know’s where to find that if you are posting one of the first couple days, I’d appreciate learning that.

I did figure out who’s posting tomorrow, and of course I’ve got the TCWT blog.

Please be sure to check out both!

March 9th –

TCWT Blog –


Geek Out!

Okay, so it has been a while since I’ve done a completely fangirl reaction type post.

Warning: This post contains slightly major plot devices/spoilers for Star Wars Rebels Season Finale.

Read at your own discretion.

You have been warned….




Are you sure you want to do this?



There’s still time to leave this post….


You sure?


Alright then…..





I mean, I’m sure we all assumed, or seriously hoped she’d be back, but there’s a big difference between hoping, and wishfully looking up Ahsoka tributes on youtube, and actually seeing Ahsoka Tano climb into the ghost, and hear the all too familiar voice echo in you living room as you scream your head off and throw couch pillows through the air in ecstasy.

I mean, come on!!!!!! How can anyone not react with unbridled joy and elation at seeing THE RETURN of AHSOKA TANO?!

And I’m sorry, but the Inquisitor’s death, plus Vader’s arrival, and Ahsoka’s return?

Obviously they are setting up Vader   sthe villain in the next season.

At least, I hope they are,…

And IF they are… frankly even if they are NOT… I will NOT be satisfied until I see Ahsoka vs Vader.

So yeah. That just happened.


One Day More…

Until I pull my hair out.


Some people associate this month with basketball, bets, or sweaty guys in shorts.

All i can think of is failure, or success.

Denial, or acceptance.

This is the month (and it could leak into April, i’m not quite sure) when my future will have to be decided.

This month I’ll be learning what summer camps I’ve been slotted for, what schools I’ve been accepted to, and whether I will have to attend community college and work for a year because none of my schools accepted me.

*hangs head*

Is that depressing or what?

I don’t know what to hope for, what to expect, i’m basically sitting on a bed of pins and needles here trying to keep calm, and not think about it.

See what a good job I’m doing?

I know I need to focus on finishing all my high school work before graduation, but it’s hard.

Not only am I anxious about college, but I’m trying to finish all the requirements for my next CAP promotion, the last one before Mitchell. I need to have Mitchell before Encampment.

If anyone has a tip on how to energize someone when it comes to math and trigonometric functions, or chemistry and electron models, I’d appreciate you sharing it with me.

I love Chemistry, really I do. But I’m finding it hard to get myself to sit down and do the work.

Same with math.

I tolerate most of math, but anything that has to do with triangles or shapes i’m hopeless. Also I do better math in summer, with natural light, so trying to get it done in the dead of winter is on the border of difficult and practically impossible.

I guess I just need to face it head on, like an earthbender (been watching a bit to much Avatar lately, can you tell?).

Well, wish me luck guys.

This first week is going to be really hard.