Month: May 2015

So Long, Farewell…

Tonight is the saddest/happiest/most fired up night of a performer’s life.

It is Closing Night.

The homeschool play me and my sister have given so much to the past 9 months is coming to an end.

There will pens, sharpies, signatures, songs, laughter, crying, and complete KAOS.
We will be running to an open late restaurant with the rest of the cast and crew after clean up (i.e. 11pm) to eat, laugh, and do a flash mob mashup of our whole play/musical chorus,

What fun, what joy, what memories!



i have succeeded!!!!! Erin is now venturing into the wild world of Doctor Who!



Once again, I have proven that my obsessions are infectious. 😀

And best of all, she loves Rose! This especially pleases me…


Now, if she’ll just get to season 2 and meet Ten I’ll be happy…


I’m A Future Falcon!!!!!!

So, I gave my excuses for not posting in the last post, so I’m just hoping right into things.

Senior year is the craziest most stressful time I have ever experienced in my life.


Two words.

College Applications.

Actually, let’s tack another word on there.


The waiting and uncertainty is the worst thing in the world.

About 2.5 months ago I found out I wasn’t Accepted to the Air Force Academy.

My plan B was to attend the local public four year ivy league level college with an Air Force ROTC program.

Beep! to expensive, back to the drawing board.

My parents assumed I’d go to the local community college for a year. They had it all; a flying program, the math and lab sciences I needed, affordable cost. There was just one small problem. I literally had a mental breakdown every time I tried to visit. The first time we went I was just sunk. The only highlight was we were talking to the aviation department guy, and talked flying plans and Air Force.

The second time, which was for an open house thing, I literally ran out of there in tears, hyperventilating, the works.

Scratch Plan C.

We went back to the local ivy league which had regional locations. Offered the same basic classes, I could do ROTC,  and was just as cheap as community college.

Ding ding!!!!

Or so I thought…

A couple weeks ago I went to visit the Air Force Academy the first time. It was incredible. The weather patterns were a bit unpredictable this time of year, but the mountains and campus were amazing. The cadets were great, especially the second degree (junior) who lead our tour.

She hadn’t gotten in the first year she applied either. Instead, she was planning on going to her local school and doing ROTC. She’d sent in her housing deposit and everything.

Then she got a letter.

After the tour I’d talked with her a little bit since she’d been through the reapplication process. I asked some questions, she answered what she could, gave some advise, and gave me her phone and e-mail.

Now I bet you’re wondering what was in the letter she got.. patience grasshopper, I’m getting to that!

My Dad and I got home from Colorado late at night/early in the morning on a  Saturday.

Two days later, first thing Monday morning around 6:30 pm I open my e-mail.

You Have a New Message In Your Academy Portal.

I race over to admissions, log into my account (portal) and there it is, in bright bold unread glory.

You have received a Falcon Foundation Scholarship.

Alright drop the mildly interested looks that hide your confusion, I am going to explain.

A Falcon Foundation Scholarship is the next best thing to AFA Prep school.

They give a scholarship to a chosen few who didn’t get accepted to the academy of AFA prep school, and only those who are pilot qualified (meet the physical standards for a USAF pilot) that covers most of the expense (and when I say most I mean most) to attend a Service Academy preparatory program at one of seven schools across the country.

Cue my hyperventilation and incomprehensible murmurs. Needless to say my Dad could concentrate on nothing all day at work after my Mom told him, and if the whole universe doesn’t find out soon from my parent’s constant bragging I’ll be genuinely surprised (yes, I know I’m the one blogging about it, but I’m anonymous here, so it doesn’t count!).

Back to the story.

Yes this letter is identical to the one the cadet had received. One of my first steps, therefore, was to e-mail her and ask her about her prep school. What was it like? Was it worth it? Would she go there again? How did it compare to this other prep school, or ROTC, or the AFA prep school?

After much deliberation I decided on a school, and in an area I never expected to go until pilot training, if I went that route.

The south west.

yep, I’m goin’ to da place of red dirt and sun and desert rocks.

I’m excited about my choice though, and can’t wait to experience this new world.

And the cool thing about the program is it is entirely devoted to getting me accepted into the Academy next year. They have classes on SAT/ACT prep, all the math and sciences the Academies want to see, and a weekly class just to make sure your on top of the nomination and application process.

So yeah, that just happened two weeks ago.

It’s funny, everything seemed to line up for it to happen. And I’m sorry, but meeting a cadet who got the same scholarship, who’s prep school I will end up attending, and made it to the Academy the next year two days before I’m offered the same opportunity? Yeah, I’m sure that was all just coincidence, right?

” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Thanks, God. 🙂


I started this blog to share my opinions, to share my writing, to share my life.

I’ve gotten away from them that mindset, and I’m beginning to wonder how I can regain that idea.

I feel bad about talking about myself. Who wants to hear about me me me me all day?

But the thing is, that’s what I want to share about. I want to share my views, what my plans are for my life, and what’s going on.

It’s become so hard for me to blog because I think I need a cool topic.

I have to be smart, and post SAT type essays on this or that, or no one will want to read my blog.

I’ve made it a chore.

So now I would like to get back to why I started this thing in the first place.

To have fun posting things, whether it be about a movie I just watched, the first Saturday I’ve had to myself in months, or the fact I just got my learner’s permit (oh yeah! This girl’s learning to drive in 6 weeks before leaving for college!).

I need to stop worrying what other more experienced bloggers are going to think of what I write, and just start writing.

And remember that Faithful Fridays thing I started?

I look back now and think, why did I do that?

Do I really need to assign a day to share God’s blessings in my life?

I think in a way that had been brought on by outside pressure that said I needed to share my faith more widely.

But  the thing is, I’m a private person when it comes to faith, so unless the Spirit moves me to share something, who’s to say I have to?

So I lay before you now today that this blog is a Me blog. if I post something that entertains you, or that you can relate to, Awesome! I love touching people! But I’m not going to use outside opinion to determine how to run (or not run) this blog.

As always, everything will be respectful and I will do my utmost not to offend anyone.

But I’m not going to be anything other than my crazy wacky fangirl self centered free time writer full time student/fitness enthusiast who’s grammar is not always correct.