Month: August 2015

Goodbye TCWT post 1

“What is the first thing you wrote oof your own free will?”

There are two compositions I did by myself when I was little because I wanted to write something and because i forget which was first you get to hear about both.

One was a retelling of the lion and the mouse that took place on a farm. I think jit was about a horse and a cat, but I honestly don’t recall.

The second was for a PBS story contest. It was inspired by cyberchase and involved me falling into a portal. That is also the first story that I experienced writers block.

Both stories were written when I was in the 6-7 age range.

One week in

Hey guys.

So I have officially been a college student for a week.

Awesome right?

Though my experience may be a little different then normal.. I wear a red hat, high socks, run through the barracks and sound off. I am a service  acadamy prep student at a military college.

But hopefully you all rembered me saying that earlier.

This place is tough, it is different but it is a TON of fun! I like sounding off, I like eating at attention, I like asking permission “refuel”. It’s going to get a lot harder when the other students get here and recruit training really starts, but for now I’m just having fun doing what I’m supposed to.

Hopefully I can keep that attitude through RAT…