Catch Up!

hey guys! Good grief, it’s been ages since I’ve had time to sit and write out a blog post.

Hoorah for labor day!

Right so since it’s been about 5 weeks since I’ve given you an update on what in my life is going on, I’ll try and squeeze over  a month of crazy wonder into a few coherent paragraphs.

I showed up in new Mexico when the temperature was about 100-102* F (I don’t carry a thermometer around with me, so I can’t say for certain). It was beautiful. The sky was the bluest blue I’d ever seen, the Commandant came to pick me and about 6 other preps from the airport and take us to the campus.

I stepped out of the van and thought I’d walked into Redwall. All the buildings are built in military gothic style (true style. I learned that at 1st squadron cook out form the superintendent) which basically means pretty castle.

If any of you have seen the animated series Redwall, it looks just like Redwall Abby.

After being completely blown away by the architecture, I got to lug all my luggage up two flights of stairs to my dorm room. Dorm was slightly less impressive, but it’s got a sink and the shower rooms are two doors down. Yes, I have to go outside and walk down the stoop to go to the bathroom or shower. Doesn’t suck yet, but come winter… we’ll see…

It took days for my roommate to get here, and for a while I wondered if I was getting a roommate. This is almost a requirement here because to make the bed properly (military school. Bed making is a must. No wrinkles) you have to take the mattress off the bed, which is on a bunk above the desk. requires two people. And besides, what’s a college experience without a roommate?!

Anyway, got a roommate, she’s awesome, and is prepping for the merchant marine academy (hmm… wonder if she’ll meet Liam there… probably someone here will, there are like 25 preps for MMA).

That was almost two months ago.

I’m into my fourth week of school, just 5 weeks ago from the first grading period.

I’m anxious to keep and/or improve my grades before then.

My two favorite classes are Military History and Chemistry. I looovvveee chemistry. My teacher for chem is considered pretty strict, but she is so passionate about chemistry and teaching us students you can’t help but love her and her classes.

Military history is taught by a retired Air Force officer who used to teach at the Air Force academy. He has no trouble going on and on and on about history, any history. If lunch wasn’t right after his class, I’d have no problem with it being two hours long rather then 1. Actually, he usually goes over by about 20 minutes or so, but I really don’t care, the subject matter is usually so intriguing.

Besides that I have, of course, English (English teacher is one of my favorite teachers. She’s new here, and ridiculously nice), military science, prep orientation (class for service academy preps), chem lab (same teacher as gen chem), and pre calc.

I have plenty of work to keep me busy. And things that aren’t quite work… I’m continuing with Civil Air Patrol, for one thing, and am Deputy commander for the very small very new squadron here. We basically have very little idea what we’re doing because almost all the staff are preps who just got here.

I’m also doing chapel choir.

Besides that, there is the corps of cadets which once I turn a private I can start applying for leadership positions within that as well. Dream job, first Sergeant or Platoon leader. Or platoon sergeant…

Yeah, maybe I’m crazy for trying to do so much… okay, I am DEFINITLY crazy for trying o do so much, but it is within my nature to go for all or nothing.

I should really learn to tone it down a bit…

So yeah, that’s life. Drill, classes, parade practice, homework… oh, and mandatory football games,

The life of a college freshman…. well, a college freshman at a  military school.

Final Note: I apologize for any grammatical errors or inconsistency in this post. All my good English I am bottling up for this essay I have to write in a week.


Wuthering Heights: Book review


I bought my unabridged copy of Wuthering Heights when I was around 12 – 14. I tried reading it a couple months later but could not bring myself to get into it. The beginning is just so chaotic… so many different narrators, so many leaps between events and times… I stopped reading after about 3 chapters.

However, it is my goal this summer to finish every book on my shelves I have not read/finished before July 26.

Crazy, right?

Anyway, as part of that quest I picked up Wuthering Heights for the first time in 4+ years.

I devoured it.

It took me about 3 -4 days to finish.

I have never loved a classic book so much… at least, not since Treasure Island (another book I hated at 13, go figure…).

The story is about the tragic life of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. and the dark revenge of a star crossed man that continues for two generations.

I loved the characters, the narration, the setting.. oh my goodness, the setting! I loved the moors in the story, and how the played their own special part.

The characters were very unique and diverse. We had dark characters, meek characters, sweet creatures, and selfish men.

  It was a beautiful story of tragedy, love, lose, but I believe it did have a happy ending… in the end.

A very satisfying read.

*sigh* It’s so hard to review a classic because so many different things have been said, and most people know at least the basic plots points… really all one can give is their opinion and what they liked.

That is what I have done, so it will have to suffice.

Next up, the Secret Garden!

Summer Reads

Everyone else is doing it, so here’s my reading goals for the next 8 weeks.

*sighs to self* I am the craziest person who has ever lived…

Summer 2015 Reading List (Present – July 26th)

Jane Eyre

Pride and Prejudice


Northanger Abbey

Mansfield Park

Tale of Two Cities

David Copperfield


At least 2 Janette Oke books ( I own 6)

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

To Kill a Mockingbird



The Secret Garden

Any Book I’ve received from my grandmother and haven’t read yet (I’m a terribly lazy granddaughter…)


Any chance I can finish all of them? Absolutely not.

Am I still going to try 100%? Of course.

Am I insanely stupid? Probably!

What I’m Doing 6/4/2015


The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. One of my Mom’s favorite childhood books that I have never read. There are very few of those, however, and I think this may be one of only two left…

Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amana Grange. An attempt at retelling Pride and Prejudice through the eyes of Mr. Darcy as recorded in his diary. A rather poor attempt I think , but it’s an easy read and I loathe quitting a book unless I am really having a hard time sympathizing with the characters or getting into the story. Obviously I have never had that problem with an Austen theme book. Yet…

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens: I will finish this book! And Oliver Twist! And a Tale of Two Cities! Basically, I want to finish all except the Christmas stories this summer.


Doctor Who: Erin’s got me rewatching the first couple seasons of Doctor Who. I’d forgotten how wonderful Ten is… *sigh*

Phineas and Ferb: Yes, I am watching a children’s cartoon. I’m on a cartoon kick because the series will be ending soon, don’t judge me!

Mockingjay Part 1: My sister’s birthday just passed and she got Mockingjay Part 1 on Bluray and DVD. For her birthday I agreed to stay up until 1am to watch it with her even though we’d both been up 11pm – 1am for the past week because of play stuff.


Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon. This song is addicting! I love it!

Bad Blood remix by Taylor Swift.

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor

Select songs by Bruno Mars

What I Should Be/Need to Be Doing

Study for SAT this Saturday.

Work on Novel.

Pack for Vacation.

Work on nostalgic story for Erin.

Work on story pieces for Erin’s nostalgic story (I’ve started them! I promise!)

Prepare to leave for New Mexico in 8 weeks.

TCWT February: Music For the Pen


The topic for this month is AWESOME!

It is basically about life.

Well, alright, technically Music, but for me a great deal of life is music.

The question is “How does music relate to your writing?”

Music inspires my writing a great deal, and I use it in different ways.

Sometimes I’ll listen to a creepy song for no particular reason, and write a short story. If I’m writing a nice long novel then I’ll like to mix it up. Constantly.

I have been working on my novel for three years. Each year it’s something new.

Every April – May I tend to get sucked into a Scottish or celtic playlist for my writing.

During July and late summer/early fall I get more into scifi soundtracks.

November, movie soundtracks (hunger games, LOTR, Divergent, things like that.)

Around December – March I am more into the modern pop and pop/rock. Recently I’ve been listening to Meghan Trainer, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, Avicci, Taylor Swift, and all that fun stuff.

Basically, my writing music has to do at least two of the following four things.

1. Reflect the Season

2. Connect to the level of action what I am writing contains.

3. Connect my to the original idea for the story/scene/whatever.

4. Drown out any annoying siblings, so I typically avoid quiet whisper acoustic stuff.

Example time!

When I was in the basic story development/writing stage I listened to a lot of Scottish/Celtic music. It reflected the feel and natural landscape I wanted my novel to have

When I was trying to get in touch with my inner romantic I listened to the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie adaption soundtrack (all scenes written during that time have been recently eliminated do to reversal of story. The scenes were good though. Cheesy, but with editing could have been quite good… ).

Then I think I just started listening to whatever was new that I liked to drown out siblings, and of course during December it was a lot of Christmas Carols.

During editing it almost always is whatever is new. if i’m writing something for the rifts time, the music has to reflect the story and natural background, but if all I’m doing  is tweaking and proofreading I’ll listen to something bouncy and upbeat and most certainly not classical.

When I write, I attempt to stir up all the emotions I want my readers to feel (though I doubt they feel as exhilarated as I do when a group of bandits burn down a farm house and murder a family while one MC holds back other from racing in without a plan.).

So music relates to my writing in every way. i don’t think i could accomplish half the writing I do without music. It connects me to my fantasy worlds, and help me disconnect myself from reality.

How do you use music in your writing? Doe sit bring your ideas roaring, or close the floodgate of your imagination? Is music even necessary to drown out crazy siblings?

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts, likes, and dislikes about this post, or music in general.

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TCWT January: So veeeerrrryyyy late.

First off, major apologies for this being so late.

I forgot to pre-write and schedule this post last week since I was going to be out of town the actual day.

This month’s prompt is a fun one in which we can praise writers for what they do best, and condemn all else… Mwahahahaha…

The prompt was “What do you think is commonly done well in literature? Done poorly?”

Done Well

To start off, I will list what i think is done fairly well in literature.

First person: There is a complete first person rage going around these days. You can pick up almost any YA book and, oh look, another first person. However, it is done well by most writers who choose to use it. The only books I couldn’t get into when that were first person are Kidnapped (Sorry Erin! It’s just not as gripping as Treasure Island), Robinson Crusoe, Perelandra, To Kill a Mockingbird (not to be confused with Catching Fire or Mockingjay), and Code Name Verity (I don’t know if this was because of how the first person was, or the over all story, but it was one I managed to finish, but I don’t think i’ll read it again).

Good First Person Books I’d recommend

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

and I’ll end with If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Female MCs/Heroines: Sometimes they are cheesy, sometimes dramatic damsels, but over all I find a lot of very good female heroes in literature.

Annabeth in Percy Jackson, Tris and Christina (I personally like Christina more then Tris, she seems more real) from Divergent, Attolia and Eddis in The Queen’s Thief Series  by Magen Whalen Turner, and Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars.

All those heroines share at least one trait with myself, or people I know. This makes them seem very real to me, and so I like them and deem them well written.

What is Not Done Well OR Needs To Be Done More Often

Yeah, okay, i’m expanding that question a bit.

First Person Character Descriptions: Mirrors. Stop with the FMC looking in a mirror. I didn’t realize how often it was done until i read Matched. Figure out some other way to introduce the appearance of you MC if you are writing in first person.

More Boy MCs: I’m sorry, but for the past two years nearly every book I’ve read is in first person from the POV of an FMC. I ahve not found any good books since Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, and The Queen’s Thief series that revolves around a boy. Even the male authors are writing stories about an FMC! I recently read Looking for Alaska, which is a romance written from the boy’s POV, but I don’t count romance. I want another good adventure novel that has a boy riding off into battle, or a quest of some kind.

And no, this is not because I like day dreaming about a prince in shining armor, or think i need more fictional characters to fall in love with. It is simply because A) boys need books to! Not all of them read scifi or comic books. I want my little brother to grow up and have a smorgasbord of YA Boy novels to choose from. B) It’s almost as sexist as having no girl MCs to have over a thousand FMCs and very few boys. And C) I honestly like boy adventures and characters more.

Sword Fights: C.S. Lewis skipped over that in most of the Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien knocked out Bilbo in the Hobbit, I can’t remember the battles in LOTR very well because they were so long and I wanted to get to Frodo and Sam…  and I haven’t been able to find a good fantasy novel in a while that had a nice classic sword fight.

Third person: More and better done third person. It seems to be a dying art these days, and the few I’ve found are rarely catching, especially the fantasy. There are some good ones, yes, but I feel those are mostly in juvenile fiction. It is incredibly humiliating to have to go across the library to where all the middle school kids are and get strange looks just to find a good Third Person fantasy book

The Only Book Series That Does Everything (minus the First person thing, these are Third Person) I’ve Listed As Done Poorly/nonexistent is Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan. A must read!

And that’s all I’ve got.

So let me know in the comments below what you like or don’t like in books.

And if you know of a good YA fantasy novel with a boy MC, and an epic adventure, and lots of sword fights, please let me know what it is called and where I can find such magnificence!

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What I Am Doing 10/10/14

Ooohhh… I should really remember to do these, especially when I have nothing else to post.

What I Am reading:

The Book Thief by Marc Zusak: I got this for my Birthday almost a year ago and am only just reading it. I know, not very polite of me, but I’ve been busy. Very good so far.

Hitler by Albert Marrin: An excellent biography on the creepiest creep the human race has ever produced. Note, this is a school book, not something I’m reading because I’m some kind of weird modern day Nazi. I am quite possibly the farthest thing from that.

Divergent by Veronica Roth: I love this book. This a re-read for me. One of the things I find when i read this is that I connect with Tris on a very deep level. Her own journey reminds me of my own, in a way, and gives me a kind of mental boost to pursue what I want.

Up Your Score: Yep, SAT prep book. This one is good though, trust me. It is awesome, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

What I’ve just finished:

House of Hades by Rick Riordan: The worst book he has ever written, and yet I confess I’ve read it twice, sort of. The first time I kind of skimmed every part except for Annabeth and Percy. This was technically my first time reading it all the way through. Still the worst book he’s ever written. Its only redeeming qualities is Frank’s character growth, Leo’s time in Oogia, and Percabeth in Tartarus. Everything else, the sloppy writing, nonsensical character changes (obviously frank’s is not included among those) and over all unorganized time line. The only reason I reread it was to prepare for Blood of Olympus which, alas, I will be reading. I must find out what happens to the characters I DO care about, sloppy writing or no!

Memories of Anne Frank: This one I read for school. Rather short, but a good read. I finished it in a cold tent in 4 hours.

Saint John Paul the Great by John Evert: I love this book! A must read!

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: Epicness! I couldn’t believe that people were saying it was better then Cinder, especially since it was mostly following this new character Scarlet. Then I read it, and was blown away!

What I’m listening to:

Taylor Swift Shake it Off: I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan. I have been since Fearless, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I love it that each of her albums has a different sound, and I love how her music has progressed through the years. Sue me, but she is the only artist who I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of any of her music ever.

Thomas Bergeson: His music is great for Plotting and Noveling, not necessarily in that order. 🙂

Maddie and Tae Girl in a Country Song: I love country music 🙂

What I am Watching:

Doctor Who: Re-watching Ten with younger siblings, and some Eleven. It makes me feel much better about the pain this show brings me when i can go back and share it with my younger siblings. 😀

Revolution: Season Two is finally on netflix!

Percy Jackson Seas of Monsters: If they don’t make a third movie I will be really mad. They came back really well after the first one was a semi-flop, so to leave it there is just wrong. i really liked this movie, and they did a much better adaption of the book (and Stanley Tucci as Dionysus and Anthony Head as Chiron!) so they better not decide to drop the ball now!
Also, I really liked Clarisse after all. I was kind of worried about how they’d portray her since they got a skinny beauty queen to play her, but she wasn’t bad.


Crew: yep, still rowing in the dropping temperature. I hope to find my lovely field jacket (read, military coat) before my next regatta.

Civil Air Patrol: Just joined a new squadron.. sort of? Still doesn’t show on my CAP account, and I still haven’t gotten confirmation of the transfer. This is my first transfer, so i don’t know what’s up.

SAT: Oh the glorious Slimy and Atrocious Torture. I shall be enduring this tomorrow morning, oh joy.

TCWT September Blog Chain

“What are your favorite book beginnings and/or endings?”

I think quite a lot of pressure is put on authors these days when it comes to the beginnings and endings for their books.
The beginning has to be exciting, and immediately grab the readers (why do people have such short attention spans these days? I don’t want to throw my MC in a well in the first chapter…) and the ending has to be satisfying, preferably with very little bloodshed from the main characters (I wonder why they want that…)

So today, I’m supposed to share with you some of my favorite beginnings and endings.

I like nice little simple beginnings that give us a sense of the character’s life and personality before the adventure finds them, and makes us smile.

So of course, top of the list, my number one favorite beginnings are from the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
I love the simple beauty of shire life that is shown; the descriptions of Baggends and Bilbo and Frodo’s quiet life before Gandalf arrives and whisks them away on daring quest to defeat a dragon or a dark lord.
I love starting a story right there, with the quiet life of the hero.

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit”

Nothing better.

There are, however, some close seconds.

King of Attolia: King of Attolia starts with a wedding feast of a queen and her new king. It is clear from the start that there is a lot of suppressed rage at the marriage. Two months after the wedding, in the first chapter of the story, a common solider slugs the king.

Pride and Prejudice: “It is a fact universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

Jane Eyre: The beginning of Jane Eyre is probably one of the most depressing things ever, only surpassed by Oliver Twist. Three cousins picking on a lesser cousin? And not just teasing, but going at her with fists? How depressing.
Odd I like it… but I do. I like these little stories that start in the depths of sorrow, but at the end the mistreated figure rises above it.

Little Princess: Seeing a trend yet? This story starts with a carriage carrying the most loving father and daughter known to literature to the place where they will be separated at last. I love the descriptions of the day, and the school, and Miss Minchin because they are all very simple and childlike, describing them as Sarah would see them.

Now, I’d better go onto endings.

My top favorite ending of all time isn’t the actual ending of the book, but the end of a character, the end of the war, and the beginning of the end of the book.
In Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, I came across one of the greatest things ever.
A villain dying from enlightenment.
Galbatorix isn’t redeemed, or killed by the sword. He dies when his mind’s eye is open and he sees every dark deed he’s done, and feels the overwhelming sorrow and pain of his victims… he dies from knowledge. With every dark deed he had done in life, he killed himself.

Now for the runner ups.

The King of Attolia: Oh yeah, it’s here 🙂 I love this book, seriously. After all the problems are resolved, the greatest thing happens in the end. The King becomes King. The royal guard never really believed in him (remember me saying a soldier slugged the kind?). They treated him as they would a royal (except that one time..), but they didn’t look at him as a king. In the end, Eugendides truly becomes King of Attolia, earning all of the guards’ respect. It is an amazing scene.

Allegiant: Yes, I liked this one. Heartbreaking, of course! But satisfying, mostly. I won’t give major spoilers, but I’d say the end displays what it truly means to love one’s family, and to forgive. If it had done so with slightly less depression or heartbreak, it might have been better. However, I think it was better then most people claim.

Little Princess: Of course! How can I not like the end? It is so sweet, and happy… Sarah is taken away from the nasty school, and Becky goes with her, and even the little homeless girl from that one street has a home. I love it 🙂

And those are it. Those are probably my favorite beginning sand endings.
Some of them take a bit long to get to any action, some start straight out. Some may start with someone confined to their quarters, while others outside of a hole in a ground.

However they start, they are amazing stories.

They got listed here, didn’t they? 😉

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An Unexpected Dilemma and Resolution

I have found nothing goes according to plan.

For instance, the deadline for an application isn’t always the very last day you can submit it.

Occasionally the deadline is a trip up for those who don’t read the fine writing.
Sometimes the application is due months before the deadline, because a follow up application relies on the first being submitted months before its deadline.

That is what I just learned today, and it wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realized its purpose.

There are plenty of do-it-halfway-then-drop people in the world, especially those seniors who fall into the “senior year trap” and grow lazy. (I’m sure none of you fine readers are one of those! I have simply heard of their existence, and seen enough proof to believe they lurk in the shadows…)

So when a selective college requires two different forms and applications, one of which is due a month after the other, but to complete the second, the first has to be submitted months in advance, it’s all an elaborate web designed to weed out those who wouldn’t make it through the rest of the application.

Boy am I glad I read the fine print.

Speaking of fine print (oh how clever of me!) the finest print of all is something I should be addressing.

I have really slacked off on my reading the past year. I have focused so much on school and special activities I forgot how to enjoy recreational reading.
This was also caused by the lack of a library card.

Now that the move is over, and we have library cards again, I checked out a grand total of three recreational books (which is way below average for me. Usually it’s closer to ten…), plus a book on running.

I devoured the books, and then started on my Dad’s! (Okay, so I haven’t finished the running one yet, but I’m a good third of the way through it…)

The reader in me has been revived!

I forgot how fast I can read when I want to, and how I love reading.
Perhaps this starvation for good literature I’ve been suffering from has been the root cause of my dried up writer’s well of inspiration…

Either way, my book life has returned to me!

I can once again sit in my room (or any where) and read for hours upon hours. This is good news for my school year, since most of it is reading, and the rest is writing reports and essays connected with what I’ve been reading.

I’m now confident I can finish reading those raggedy books on my list of books-to-read before-finishing-High-School that I’ve had gather dust on my desk.

That is all, you may now go about the rest of your daily lives.

41 and Counting

Hey everyone!

This week has been an insane week for me… our sewage line collapsed, so we went to a hotel. For one night anyway… but it was fun! We went swimming, had one of those yummy hotel breakfasts… it was cool.

Then of course I get back and have to be on with school and applications, but I’m not complaining. I must not complain, because this is what I want to be doing.

Anyway, I did get an amazing e-mail while I was on a little mini vacation for 24 hours.

I now have over 40 followers! 41, to be exact.

I was going to wait till fifty for this… but I was bored. 🙂

So…. yeah….

Other then that, I finished my two library books.
A review of them will posted another time.
I then proceeded to start my Dad’s library book he’d finished because I was curious about it.
It’s pretty good so far.
For any who are curious, it’s a political autobiography by a Washington speech writer. I forget which writer, and I’m only up to the very start of his career in politics in the book.

That’s all for now.

Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to post before the end of the week…