I’m Alive

My last blog post was different from some of my others in that I let myself be extremely unguarded and personal, more so than any other post I think.

I’ve been going through a rough patch. A very rough patch.

I’d rather not disclose all the details as to what happened, or why I’ve been living in the dark (and not just in the blogging sense) but I’m ready to give a simple overview.

In March I got some really bad news that more than scarred me, it nearly killed me.

I’ve been going through a really bad depression ever since, especially after school ended and I had to come home and leave my friends. I was without any direction or purpose or the support from friends whose presence I’d come to rely on so much. I got much worse.

I’m finally starting to heal, I think.

At least, I’m able to function better then I have in weeks.

I’m trying to piece myself back together slowly because I’ve seen what’s happened when I try to do it to fast.

I haven’t yet decided whether this blog will be in the picture much longer.

It served its purpose in my life, and I think I need a new place for a new, wiser, and more aged me.

We shall see what happens.

I’m still healing, and I have a long way to go, but I’m hopeful I can move on from here.

Thank you for the prayers that were offered after my last post.


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