Loving Life

I’m having a blast. I don’t care if I have to run through the dorms, or walk on the far rightside, or pop to at dinner, I am loving life as a RAT, as a college student, as a prep… I’m loving it all.

I love my classes, I love my teachers, I loved doing the obstacle course on the 21 day ceremony.

I didn’t particularly love going without my phone for 3 weeks, but I survived so that doesn’t matter anymore.

I’ve learned that yes I hate functions, and yes I am actually good at history, and yes I am actually good/enjoy chemistry. Considering I was homeschooled all of grade school and I never did like real labs or big exams each semester this comes as a bit of a relief.

And I do love my teachers. I love class.

I’m loving life.

Except for PT… I don’t think I’ll ever learn to love prep PT…


Learning 9 to 5

Okay, first off, I’m sorry for the incredibly cheesy title from the rephrasing of the title of a song that I can’t even remember.

Did that sentence make any kind of sense :-/

Once again, this will be a post of random things relevant to my life right now that may or may not be of any interest to you all, but this is my blog, so here it goes.

I’ve reached the halfway point of my first “official” week of school. I can’t say I’m tired, because I’m really not that tired, but school is taking a lot of energy out of me… where it used to take me 4-5 hours it now takes 8 – 9, and when ever I leave my room for food or water or other essential things like that, my legs are all weak, and I feel like my blood sugar is low or something (no, I am not diabetic, just can’t go at full speed for long periods of time without something to eat). At least I feel like I’m accomplishing something (a lot of somethings) each day, so that’s good.

Today is the tenth day of SepTONEber, according to the Blogilates monthly workout calendar. It’s also my tenth day of getting up before dawn for a full hour long intense work out, so yay for me!
This is the first month I’ve followed the Blogilates calendar, and I can really feel a difference in already.

Last night I watched War Horse with my sister. It was my second time seeing the movie, but I admit, the first time I was half-asleep for most of it because it was my fourth night in a row staying up past 11.
So naturally, I had completely forgotten how good it was! It has some of the best movie lines ever!
My favorite I scene a scene between a British and German soldier.
I won’t spoil it by saying what they were doing, or how they’d met up in the middle of a war (it takes place during World War 1), but it was super sweet. 🙂

On the subject of entertainment, has anyone still NOT seen the Twelfth Doctor yet? I seriously feel like I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t…

Moving on…

I’ve recently joined a local rowing/crew team. It’s my first time ever being on a competitive sports team, and practices are 5 days a week. Takes a lot of dedication, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve always loved being on the water. Last summer while on vacation in Minnesota at a cabin by a lake, I’d be out on the water in a canoe with my sister for a good 5 hours a day at least.

And… yep, that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

Last note I have is that, in case people start wondering if I’ve fallen off the edge of the Earth, or something, the cause of any extended new-post-free periods is 8 hours of school a day.
And crew.

I’ll do my best to at least get reviews or short stories up when ever I can, so I don’t totally abandon you all!

Happy school year!

An Update on Life…

…My life specifically.

Well, what have I been doing?
Meditating on a way to further my own spiritual enlightenment?
I only wish! (Well…. maybe not…)
But no, that is far different then what has been taking up my every hour.
Hm? What’s that?
Have I been tearing my hair out at the pile of applications and work it takes to get into a decent college these days? Have I been stressing to much because I can no long run down my road every morning to workout and burn off all my extra energy? Am I frustrated because I haven’t been to a Civil Air Patrol meeting in almost a month? Have I had “If I Were a Rich Man” running through my head every time I even peek at college tuition and scholarships?
Why yes! Yes I have!
In all honesty, I managed to keep my cool fairly well until yesterday.
But at last, left with no other option, I have resorted to running laps up and down my drive way intermixed with push ups and crunches.
My driveway is actually the length of four driveways now, so it’s not as short as you may think, but it is by no means a proper run.
Positive things I have been doing is getting a lot of school done for it still being August, getting re-motivated to reach with all my might for my dream school, and … yeah, that’s pretty much it.
In hopes to get me more motivated for not only running, but for bettering my physical fitness in general, I’ve been searching the world wide web for all the best, most inspiring fitness themed blogs I can.
If anyone has one to suggest, I’d be very much grateful!
I also am becoming quite a Lincoln fan. I’m close to finishing the third book about him that I’ve read in the past month.
The first was The World of Abraham Lincoln by Genevieve Foster, which I started this past spring for school, but laid aside for the summer.
The second, and this one I highly recommend, was Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips. It was a book about leadership based on Lincoln’s political career and handling of the Civil War.
It is an amazing read for those of you who seek some kind of leadership position, or even if you don’t. It has a ton of quotes by Abraham Lincoln, and besides giving lots of advice on being a leader, it holds a lot of advice on how to treat people through life in general
The one I am close to finishing (I’m in the middle of 1863) is Abraham Lincoln by James Daughtery. I’ve read a couple of his books before, his book on Benjamin Franklin, and Lewis and Clark namely, but this is by far my favorite of his.
So… that’s life at the moment.
I get to start my World War I studies next month, and am trying to cram all the Civil War books I wanted to read in the next two weeks.
Oh! And I’ll be off farm-sitting for friends all weekend, so you won’t hear from me till Monday or Tuesday probably.
I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes!

A Rest Stop in The Road

Well, it’s done. This last family move was probably the fastest and easiest I have ever been through.
But I’m not done moving yet.
This fall I’ll start my senior year of High School.
It is my preferred plan that I be at college in another part of the state, or another state entirely, in 18 months.
My Mom is trying to redirect me to the university that’s 20 minutes away.
I admit it looks nice and all, but I kind of have my heart set on being somewhere else.
I see college as a fresh start as a new person.
I’ve been homeschooled my entire life, so going to school in an actual classroom, while a welcome change, is exactly that. A change. A big one. And if even something small in my life changes, at least half of the rest of me has to as well.
Another reason I’m not sticking at home for another 3 years is this. It will mean Mom may push back my driving again (though I admit, that’s less likely now since it was decided after the move it was stupid that I wasn’t driving) and both me and my pride would rather fall into a pit of lava or be swallowed by a ranging sea, perishing to either flames or foam, before my mother drives me to college.
No offense to anyone who may feel otherwise, that’s just what me and my pride think.
Also, is it just me, or is it weird to have both your parents accompany you to visit a college open house? Nothing against either of my parents, but when ever they both take me somewhere (even if it’s just Black Friday shopping) I feel like a little kid going on an outing with Mommy and Daddy, stuck in the backseat, and just a little invisible on the car ride there and back.
I’m trying to find a good time to tell at least one of them that… my Mom seems to have it in her head that both she and my Dad have to go with me to see each college.
Ummm… no thanks? I’d rather spend quality time with you?
That’s why I suggested the open house when dad’s out of town?
So that’s what’s controlling my thoughts everyday; College Visits, Scholarships, SAT scores, and college applications.
Oh the joy of near adulthood.
Last but not least (why do people say that? It’s like we are bowing to those things that are mentioned last, or assuring people that even though we forgot to mention them earlier, they are still important, in an attempt to keep their friendship. I need to do a post on this…) on my list of things to write about that I make up as I go..
Congrats to everyone who has or will be finishing Camp NaNoWriMo: July Camp!
I was unable to participate (two weeks of no internet, and at least 6 days in the car tend to hinder writing and word counts) I do want to congratulate those who did!
See all you NaNoers in November hopefully!
You know… as long as my homework doesn’t turn into a glue breathing monster of work that sticks me to my desk… That’s not a bad idea actually!
for a story I mean.
I’d hate to have to much school to do NaNo
Anyway… Adios Amigos!
For now anyway…