Original Poem: A Lover’s Grief

What do you say, what dare may ring

When words mean nothing and everything?

When it feels like each syllable you cast

Will forever last,

And with it you can either catch a brick of gold

Or destroy everything that dear you hold.

What happens when your tongue is tied,

By thoughts and fears of what may come on morning tide?

And what may from the depths of your soul arise

If you do not keep a careful tie

On what you say and what you write

To the one who keeps you up at night.

He entrances you with dreams and hopes beyond belief

But may toss away your heart like an old autumn leaf.

What do you say to the one you love

When it seems that no help comes from heaven above?

When you’ve hardly met but already feel

A connection so surreal.

You can’t help but fall down and pray

“Good Lord, help me through this day!”

As you lose all feeling in your knees,

As you weakly whimper, “please.”

What strange emotion takes control

As you feel yourself slipping down into a darkened hole?

Worries, doubts, fears galore

Force themselves into your open door.

You can not help but worry that with each word you write

You may send him off in a fright.

This one you love with all your heart,

Comes as both sweet and tart.

Oh how the poets and people say,

If he loves you truly he won’t run away.

So much sense they seem to demonstrate,

But your in love and so no sense can penetrate

The solid wall of feelings that hide,

The old and dusty meditative state of mind.

So you muddle on alone

Through this world that seems of stone.

You can not know what words ring true

That he is not in fact hiding from you.

His silence may not be the fault of a word,

But of some story you’ve not yet heard.

But any assurance that I can give

Will be only for a second lived.

No words of relief will ever fill

The hole that comes from a silent quill.

Patience is a virtue who’s greatest strain

Comes from the silent lover’s pain.


Wrote this ridiculously late at night. It’s been a while since I’ve done a poem with an actual rhyming pattern to it, so I may be a bit rusty.

Like it? Love it? Stick to prose? Let me know in the comments below!


Original Poem: The Run

I feel the ground beneath me,

The hard unloving ground,

But I pound right back at it,

It will not pull me down.

This trail is mine to conquer,

My feet will know no pain.

And however long this takes me,

All that time I’ll give

To conquering this villain,

Send him back to the unknown.

I will not fall nor break,

Until victory I’ve claimed.

This journey is a test,

And some mornings I do not wish to rise

And set my feet back to it,

But put off until a later time.

But I will never quit.

Never will I waver.

Until at last I have set my feet,

On the peak of my Everest.

No man can keep me grounded,

No storm send me crawling home.

This trail is mine to conquer,

If must conquer it alone.


What do you think? I’d love to have some feedback on this. It was just something I wrote on the fly.

Midnight Dreams: An Original Poem

I warn you all, this is my typical style of poetry… meaning I don’t follow any guidelines but instead free verse it, rewriting it until it sounds right to me.
I hope it’s not a total failure.

Midnight Dreams

The night stars come out,
The moon reveals its heavenly glow.
The sun retreats behind mountainous clouds,
And frees the waiting night.
Fairies glide from hidden glens,
To dance in their circles once again.
Night beckons and calls,
And the gnomes appear,
With their great white beards.
Night sings out to the sky,
And the selkies rise from ocean foam
And chant their haunting reply.
These are the unknown times,
When all the world is sleeping.
Nobody sees these mystic sights,
Except the mystic beings who
Participate each night.
But what wonderful beauty lies
In their songs and dances bright
Of which we will never see?
But oh how it is fun to dream.
To dream of the night romances,
Of fairies under the stars,
And selkies lying on the rocky shore,
As the tides fall and rise.
What precious gems are these,
The sights that go unseen.
Unseen by human eyes,
Hidden from their narrow view.
Oh of these midnight secrets,
These mystical midnight secrets,
Of these wondrous things
It is such fun to Dream.

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Tell me!