The Drums

Listen? Do you hear them? The drums?

No, I am not crazy. They are there, you just have to listen.

The steady thump and tap filling each living moment with a rhythm that can not be stopped.
It is in the air you breath, the ground you trod upon, and the water.
The water ripples with the drums.

The drums are everything, every living being living. Just living.

They echo through the universe, asking a question, stating a fact, and roaring an answer, all at once.
All in the beat of a drum.

You can not ignore them, and you can not escape them.
They are inside of you, letting the world know that you are.
You are real, you are here, you are unstoppable.

You are You.

The drums are your voice in a world of silent noise.
They pound among the stars, and they tap in the very depths of the earth.

No one can drum like you can.

Can you hear them now?
The world is drumming. Drumming with life.

Drumming with you.

With the very beat of your heart, and the very kiss of your breath, the universe drums.
How can you ignore them?

The children of the future, the lives of the past, they all sound out in one accord, as the Earth spins through time and space.
They all drum together, praising a voice that is silent, and a face that is hidden.

They all started at once, in a bright moment of glory, and they haven’t stopped.

The drums will never stop.

Listen to the drums.