Catch Up!

hey guys! Good grief, it’s been ages since I’ve had time to sit and write out a blog post.

Hoorah for labor day!

Right so since it’s been about 5 weeks since I’ve given you an update on what in my life is going on, I’ll try and squeeze over  a month of crazy wonder into a few coherent paragraphs.

I showed up in new Mexico when the temperature was about 100-102* F (I don’t carry a thermometer around with me, so I can’t say for certain). It was beautiful. The sky was the bluest blue I’d ever seen, the Commandant came to pick me and about 6 other preps from the airport and take us to the campus.

I stepped out of the van and thought I’d walked into Redwall. All the buildings are built in military gothic style (true style. I learned that at 1st squadron cook out form the superintendent) which basically means pretty castle.

If any of you have seen the animated series Redwall, it looks just like Redwall Abby.

After being completely blown away by the architecture, I got to lug all my luggage up two flights of stairs to my dorm room. Dorm was slightly less impressive, but it’s got a sink and the shower rooms are two doors down. Yes, I have to go outside and walk down the stoop to go to the bathroom or shower. Doesn’t suck yet, but come winter… we’ll see…

It took days for my roommate to get here, and for a while I wondered if I was getting a roommate. This is almost a requirement here because to make the bed properly (military school. Bed making is a must. No wrinkles) you have to take the mattress off the bed, which is on a bunk above the desk. requires two people. And besides, what’s a college experience without a roommate?!

Anyway, got a roommate, she’s awesome, and is prepping for the merchant marine academy (hmm… wonder if she’ll meet Liam there… probably someone here will, there are like 25 preps for MMA).

That was almost two months ago.

I’m into my fourth week of school, just 5 weeks ago from the first grading period.

I’m anxious to keep and/or improve my grades before then.

My two favorite classes are Military History and Chemistry. I looovvveee chemistry. My teacher for chem is considered pretty strict, but she is so passionate about chemistry and teaching us students you can’t help but love her and her classes.

Military history is taught by a retired Air Force officer who used to teach at the Air Force academy. He has no trouble going on and on and on about history, any history. If lunch wasn’t right after his class, I’d have no problem with it being two hours long rather then 1. Actually, he usually goes over by about 20 minutes or so, but I really don’t care, the subject matter is usually so intriguing.

Besides that I have, of course, English (English teacher is one of my favorite teachers. She’s new here, and ridiculously nice), military science, prep orientation (class for service academy preps), chem lab (same teacher as gen chem), and pre calc.

I have plenty of work to keep me busy. And things that aren’t quite work… I’m continuing with Civil Air Patrol, for one thing, and am Deputy commander for the very small very new squadron here. We basically have very little idea what we’re doing because almost all the staff are preps who just got here.

I’m also doing chapel choir.

Besides that, there is the corps of cadets which once I turn a private I can start applying for leadership positions within that as well. Dream job, first Sergeant or Platoon leader. Or platoon sergeant…

Yeah, maybe I’m crazy for trying to do so much… okay, I am DEFINITLY crazy for trying o do so much, but it is within my nature to go for all or nothing.

I should really learn to tone it down a bit…

So yeah, that’s life. Drill, classes, parade practice, homework… oh, and mandatory football games,

The life of a college freshman…. well, a college freshman at a  military school.

Final Note: I apologize for any grammatical errors or inconsistency in this post. All my good English I am bottling up for this essay I have to write in a week.


Rocks and Life

Life is like a rock.

Sometimes it rests on the bottom of a creek, and lets the waters smooth its rough edges. Other times it is kicked up from the soil, and tumbles down to slam onto your foot.

The last couple days of September my life was kicked off the side of a cliff, slammed into my skull, and then preceded to knock me down another cliff.

I got very frustrated with myself. I was behind with my school, I’d worked out for an hour every morning for four weeks and yet did not see nor feel any change. I was feeling quite a bit like a failure.

I still do, a little bit.

But today is October 1st.

The first of a new month in a new season. These days are the most magical days of all, and simply scream of possibilities.

New smells, new trees, new views, new books.

It is a time of new beginnings.

People say that spring is the season of new life, with a fresh start.
I’m not going to say that’s not true, but I think that it has a twin season in fall.
In fall the trees shed their similar cloaks of green and stand individual in bright shades of oranges, reds, and golds, and even some purples.

In fall you shed the skin of summer and adopt a new identity, a new truth of yourself.
It’s a time to re-evaluate who you are, and where you are going.
There are three months left in the year.
Twelve weeks.
So much can happen in twelve weeks if you let it.
October is the month to let them start.
It’s the time to decide how you are going to finish out your year.
Will you be the same person you were in January?
Will you throw off the old skin which you’ve borne, like a butterfly breaking free from its chrysalis?
Or do you need more time as you are?

I have a lot I want to accomplish before December 31st, and some of it I may not get done.
But that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that I try my hardest to finish them all, even if I don’t succeed.
As long as I try my hardest I have succeeded in something.
So that is what I must do; I must throw myself into a great pool of perseverance, and swim as best I can amid the rapids.
I must swim through each day, and take a stroke at a time, using each to accomplish something new.

Every project, every book, every word.
Every breath of life I must take and use to its fullest potential.

After all that is what life is.

A collection of breaths used for a single purpose.
Every thing takes a certain amount of breath.
Every push up, every paint stroke, every page read.

What matters the most is to decide what you’re going to create with it.

What will you make of your numbered heart beats, of your numbered breaths?

That is what October is all about for me.

Living my life to the fullest, and learning to let go of the wasted breaths of the past.

PS: Yes, I know it is October 2nd. I was unable to post this last night as planned, so you’ll just have to pretend I did 😛

The Drums

Listen? Do you hear them? The drums?

No, I am not crazy. They are there, you just have to listen.

The steady thump and tap filling each living moment with a rhythm that can not be stopped.
It is in the air you breath, the ground you trod upon, and the water.
The water ripples with the drums.

The drums are everything, every living being living. Just living.

They echo through the universe, asking a question, stating a fact, and roaring an answer, all at once.
All in the beat of a drum.

You can not ignore them, and you can not escape them.
They are inside of you, letting the world know that you are.
You are real, you are here, you are unstoppable.

You are You.

The drums are your voice in a world of silent noise.
They pound among the stars, and they tap in the very depths of the earth.

No one can drum like you can.

Can you hear them now?
The world is drumming. Drumming with life.

Drumming with you.

With the very beat of your heart, and the very kiss of your breath, the universe drums.
How can you ignore them?

The children of the future, the lives of the past, they all sound out in one accord, as the Earth spins through time and space.
They all drum together, praising a voice that is silent, and a face that is hidden.

They all started at once, in a bright moment of glory, and they haven’t stopped.

The drums will never stop.

Listen to the drums.

A Rest Stop in The Road

Well, it’s done. This last family move was probably the fastest and easiest I have ever been through.
But I’m not done moving yet.
This fall I’ll start my senior year of High School.
It is my preferred plan that I be at college in another part of the state, or another state entirely, in 18 months.
My Mom is trying to redirect me to the university that’s 20 minutes away.
I admit it looks nice and all, but I kind of have my heart set on being somewhere else.
I see college as a fresh start as a new person.
I’ve been homeschooled my entire life, so going to school in an actual classroom, while a welcome change, is exactly that. A change. A big one. And if even something small in my life changes, at least half of the rest of me has to as well.
Another reason I’m not sticking at home for another 3 years is this. It will mean Mom may push back my driving again (though I admit, that’s less likely now since it was decided after the move it was stupid that I wasn’t driving) and both me and my pride would rather fall into a pit of lava or be swallowed by a ranging sea, perishing to either flames or foam, before my mother drives me to college.
No offense to anyone who may feel otherwise, that’s just what me and my pride think.
Also, is it just me, or is it weird to have both your parents accompany you to visit a college open house? Nothing against either of my parents, but when ever they both take me somewhere (even if it’s just Black Friday shopping) I feel like a little kid going on an outing with Mommy and Daddy, stuck in the backseat, and just a little invisible on the car ride there and back.
I’m trying to find a good time to tell at least one of them that… my Mom seems to have it in her head that both she and my Dad have to go with me to see each college.
Ummm… no thanks? I’d rather spend quality time with you?
That’s why I suggested the open house when dad’s out of town?
So that’s what’s controlling my thoughts everyday; College Visits, Scholarships, SAT scores, and college applications.
Oh the joy of near adulthood.
Last but not least (why do people say that? It’s like we are bowing to those things that are mentioned last, or assuring people that even though we forgot to mention them earlier, they are still important, in an attempt to keep their friendship. I need to do a post on this…) on my list of things to write about that I make up as I go..
Congrats to everyone who has or will be finishing Camp NaNoWriMo: July Camp!
I was unable to participate (two weeks of no internet, and at least 6 days in the car tend to hinder writing and word counts) I do want to congratulate those who did!
See all you NaNoers in November hopefully!
You know… as long as my homework doesn’t turn into a glue breathing monster of work that sticks me to my desk… That’s not a bad idea actually!
for a story I mean.
I’d hate to have to much school to do NaNo
Anyway… Adios Amigos!
For now anyway…

Rifles, Hatchets, and Horses, Oh My!

I have had quite an interesting weekend!

My Mom took me and my sister Ally on a Moms and Daughters campout Sunday evening. We went to a state park nearby where they had a ton of activities! We met a couple other families from our church, and got there just in time for archery. After that we headed to the cabin, unpacked, and then played games the rest of the evening, most of us waiting for it to get dark. When at last the sun was gone and the stars came out we played a game we came up with ourselves which we fondly called Seekers. It’s like a mutant ghost in the Graveyard, if you are familiar with that game. If anybody is interested I’ll post the rules later.
We stayed up till past midnight, but the next morning I was still up before 6 along with two of my friends.
Monday was filled with rifle shooting (tons of fun), hatchet throwing (wasn’t the best, but wasn’t the worst), and paddle boating.
Another popular game we played was street hockey. I had never played it before, and loved it! We also played Life the card game, Psychiatrist, Signs, Catchphrase, and Mafia.
As you’ve probably gathered any time we friends are together our lives pretty much revolve around what game or activity we are doing next. You know, AFTER we’ve all talked for about an hour on anything from what’s for lunch to what we should do next, which we end up not doing for another hour. Typical highschool/homeschool girls. ;-P
Oh, and I also went horse back riding for the first time ever!!!!
It was amazing! Of course me, being me, was assigned a horse named Storm. He wasn’t exactly temperamental, but he kept wanting to eat from the side of the trail, and I just got this feeling he thought a first time rider was below him. Still, it was a lot of fun!!

So, the big question… what’s the next post gonna be? Well, for future posts I was thinking of doing a series about BBC shows. Not exactly a review, but more like an in depth study of the characters, their personalities, and what makes them so popular. I did a similar kind of post once upon a time and far far away in another part of the web world, and I got a fairly good response to it.
I’ll also be posting more short stories and possibly some poetry in the future.
I’ll continue doing recipes as well, but I don’t know when I’ll next have time for cooking.
I’m going to be out of town the next couple weeks, but will try to have some posts lined up to put up on the weekends I’m home.

Until then, so long! Farewell! Allons-y!