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I’m In shock, I’ve got a hoodie!

This post will not be very well composed as it is me trying to freak out in a calm post-like manner.
I can tell now it will fail.
Last night I saw Thor 2: The Dark World for the first time ever, and guys….
This movie has made me go more nuts then any movie previously.
I swear they must have gotten Moffat to come and give the directors and writers of the marvel movies a lecture series on playing with a fangirl’s heart, because it had everything in there!
Loki was more awesome then ever, Thor was much nicer then he was in the first, but I wish we got a bit more character development from him, and seen his frustration with being King a bit more then we did.
It was amazing to see Jane and I liked seeing how much she did to help the save day.
I continue to be unsure if I actually like Odin or not… and whether I want a particular fate for him…


This will now be my fan-girl freak out.
Okay, as mentioned in my heroes and Villains posts of the past, I like a nice evil villain who has truly bad intentions. Loki is the only exception to the rule.
I love Loki. he had so much character development in Thor 2, and I’m sorry, but the scene where he finds out his mother dies, and then Thor comes to see him…. AHHHHH!!!!!! Heartwrenching!
I loved all the banter between Loki and Thor, it felt so brotherly, even when Thor and his friends were telling Loki they would not hesitate to kill him.

Now, I know what you’re waiting for… Loki’s fate.
That was, I mean… total Moffat right there! I nearly sobbed (okay, I did sob, and i hate crying at movies so that’s big). And Eric’s question… and Thor’s reaction… and did he know that was Loki sitting there?!



In conclusion, and for those of you who did not read the spoilers, let me just say this.

This movie was emotionally what a full length Sherlock movie would be.