Rifles, Hatchets, and Horses, Oh My!

I have had quite an interesting weekend!

My Mom took me and my sister Ally on a Moms and Daughters campout Sunday evening. We went to a state park nearby where they had a ton of activities! We met a couple other families from our church, and got there just in time for archery. After that we headed to the cabin, unpacked, and then played games the rest of the evening, most of us waiting for it to get dark. When at last the sun was gone and the stars came out we played a game we came up with ourselves which we fondly called Seekers. It’s like a mutant ghost in the Graveyard, if you are familiar with that game. If anybody is interested I’ll post the rules later.
We stayed up till past midnight, but the next morning I was still up before 6 along with two of my friends.
Monday was filled with rifle shooting (tons of fun), hatchet throwing (wasn’t the best, but wasn’t the worst), and paddle boating.
Another popular game we played was street hockey. I had never played it before, and loved it! We also played Life the card game, Psychiatrist, Signs, Catchphrase, and Mafia.
As you’ve probably gathered any time we friends are together our lives pretty much revolve around what game or activity we are doing next. You know, AFTER we’ve all talked for about an hour on anything from what’s for lunch to what we should do next, which we end up not doing for another hour. Typical highschool/homeschool girls. ;-P
Oh, and I also went horse back riding for the first time ever!!!!
It was amazing! Of course me, being me, was assigned a horse named Storm. He wasn’t exactly temperamental, but he kept wanting to eat from the side of the trail, and I just got this feeling he thought a first time rider was below him. Still, it was a lot of fun!!

So, the big question… what’s the next post gonna be? Well, for future posts I was thinking of doing a series about BBC shows. Not exactly a review, but more like an in depth study of the characters, their personalities, and what makes them so popular. I did a similar kind of post once upon a time and far far away in another part of the web world, and I got a fairly good response to it.
I’ll also be posting more short stories and possibly some poetry in the future.
I’ll continue doing recipes as well, but I don’t know when I’ll next have time for cooking.
I’m going to be out of town the next couple weeks, but will try to have some posts lined up to put up on the weekends I’m home.

Until then, so long! Farewell! Allons-y!