Priorities? Forget about it!

I am a 100% go get ’em girl.

I hate not giving my all becauseĀ I hate not being the best.

*sigh* I know, another vice rooted in big problem pride.

But the result of this is that I struggle letting go of activities I should by all right be bowing out of.

I am moving to New Mexico in two months, yet I signed up for my library’s summer reading program, am trying for my next CAP promotion for the Monday before I leave, and strive to read 95% of the classic book I own but haven’t read.


Yes, very.

I just took (and passed) the leadership test for my next CAP promotion yesterday, and no doubt I will be questioned by the Deputy Commander of Cadets at the next meeting as to why I’m trying to promote when I’m leaving in 7 weeks!

Especially since I still have a ton to do before I’m even close to ready to leave for a two week summer camp followed by week long vacation on Tuesday

I have some serious prioritizing to do.