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Au Contraire

sunshine awardOtherwise known as “I’m only replying to this nomination because Erin said I wouldn’t”


Anyway, got the sunshine award. Again. Or some kind of double award hybrid… *shrugs*

Thanks a lot Erin.

  1. I’m in college and don’t have time for blogging awards
  2. I’m not a naturally neat person anymore. I actually have to work for it.
  3. I despise calculus
  4. I love English (which is surprising since I hated it in High School… curious…)
  5. Five is my favorite number
  6. I steal my best friends’ hats/covers. Beware.
  7. I own over 400 books. That’s me, not my family. My own personal library.
  8. I apparently walk a lot in college.
  9. I am very VERY competitive.
  10. My hair was short, but I’ve decided to grow it out a bit.
  11. My handwriting is atrocious.
  12. I finally know someone who has worse handwriting than me. 😛
  13. I’ve soloed in a plane. That’s right, flew it by myself.
  14. I’ve now finished this award.

No nominees, but feel free to nominate yourself if you want!



I Got an Award!

Wahoo! I’ve been nominated by proverbs31teen for the Liebster Award!

The Rules are as follows.

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.
  3. Write 11 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and have less than 200 followers.
  5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

Thanks proverbs31teen!

11 Facts

  1. “I hate pears,” is my favorite Doctor Who line.
  2. I love pears, so note the irony.
  3. I love running.
  4. Do not approach me about chores or work or jobs until I have eaten my breakfast.
  5. I love the number 5 and its multiples.
  6. I learned basic arithmetic by turning addition and multiplication into a drama story. I learned subtraction and division by learning addition and multiplication as quickly as possible.
  7. I have no money.
  8. I am a cadet in Civil Air Patrol.
  9. I am happiest at my CAP meetings/events.
  10. Never tell me I can’t do something.
  11. If you tell me I can’t do something, I will take it as a challenge.

And now the questions!

1.Do you wanna build a snowman? Yes please! 🙂

2. What is the craziest thing you’ve done during a game of hide-and-seek? Umm… lately i played a game of hide-and-seek-in-the-dark, and i hid behind an exersise bike. No one found me. 🙂

3. How many books do you have? 405. I counted. Okay, so technically i counted each shelf/pile and then used my calculater.

4. Writers, what’s the most useful piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten? Skip to what ever part you are really psyched for and feel like writing at that moment.

5. Favorite type of fanfiction? Any that involves something awesome/tragic/romantic happening to my fav characters. I’ll read crossover sometimes, and am a big fan of AU. I only approve of certain pairings though, and avoid any stories that have conflicting pairs.

6. Which Avenger are you most like? (From the movie, not comic books) ooohhh.. tricky… i think I’m most like Stark in that i can be arrogant and sarcastic in the extreme, and I also perfer matter over mind and action over waiting. But I’m also like Natasha in that people underestimate me, and I have somethings I’d rather forget.

7. Favorite Stan Lee cameo? Oh! Either Thor or Avengers.

8. Favorite writing resource? The classics.

9. Do you have trouble staying organized? nope. well… except for my clothes… my clothes refuse to stay organized.

10. Favorite school subject? Mathmatics. Especially algebra and all that math people complain has no use in real life.

11. Favorite food/food combination others don’t like? Applesauce and bacon. You dip the bacon in warm applesauce, especially strawberry appplesauce… yummm… 🙂

Now my questions for the nominees.

1. Who is you favorite pop singer, if you have one?

2. blue or pink?

3. Are you excited for Sherlock Christmas Special?

4. bananas or pears?

5. Grammar nazi are you?

6. Are you a bond fan?

7. Are you sick of Christmas Carols yet?

8. Short stories or novels?

9. What is your favorite alien launguage (elvish, dwarvish and black speech does not count!)?

10. Are you more  a dancer or a singer?

11. Will J.J. Abrams ruin Star Wars?

Ummm I can only think of two people to nominate, because proverbs31teen nominated everyone else I wanted too, and I try to avoid re-awarding people when ic an, as well tagging back.

Anyoen who i didn’t nominate, feel free to answer the questions anyway!


Robyn Hoode

Have fun. 😉

I’m late! I’m late!

My greatest apologies to Erin for forgettigng this!
I was nominated last week for the Best blogging Buddies award by Erin of the Upstairs Archives, and i feel very bad for forgetting this.
In my defense, it takes ages to answer and come up with 15 questions, let alone nominate people.

The rules are as follows.
1) You must make a post to show your award on your main blog.

2) You must tag the person who nominated you in your post.

3) You must nominate all of your best buddies, and those whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated, for this award.

4) You must ask your buddies at least 15 questions on your post.

5) You must answer all of the questions your buddies ask you. On your post.

First, I shall answer Erin’s questions.

1. If society was clipped up Divergent-style and you had to pick a faction, which of these factions would you choose: Truth Seekers (scholars, archaeologists and explorers), Protectors (military and police forces), Aristocracy (leaders and rulers), or Underworld (spies, black-ops units)?

Hmmm…. okay, first off, that would be an awesome world. Second, I’d probably be in the underworld, because I can see that as being a kind of combination of the other factions you listed.

2. Are you more like Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes? (Be honest and objective! :-P)

Your’e annoying. If i was brutally honest, I’d have to say I can be a tad more like Mycroft from time to time, but I don’t like sitting behind a desk (excluding all blogging and writing commitments 😛 ) and would rather be in the middle of the action.

3. For the library aficionados, what book do you not own that you would like to read again?

King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. I was just about to head over and request it because my closest library doesn’t have it so it will have to be sent from another library in the metro system.

4. If you could re-write any pop culture catchphrase, which one would you re-write and what would it mean in its new form? 😉

Uhg… umnmm… I’d rewrite “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” to “when life gives you lemons it means you’re doing something right.” i hope that answers the question…

5. What’s your number one underdeveloped character in a published work? (I mean, who is your favorite character that you wish the author had developed more?)

Hmm… I have a favorite background character who needs a spin-off, but I feel like she was fairly well developed… ummm… I think maybe Arya from the Inheritance cycle. It could just be because we only really saw her from Eragon’s POV, and he mooned over her like a love sick puppy, so I felt like I didn’t know her as well as the other characters.

6. Frozen or Rise of the Guardians? Why?

Frozen. I adore any movie that gives me a plot twist i never saw coming. Rise of the Guardians is amazing (hello, huge Jelsa shipper right here) but I love rewatching Frozen even more then RotG.

7. Tangled or Brave? Why?

You’re really annoying, you know that? gah! I’d have to say Brave because A) Celtic soundtrack. Total win there B) Though Merida was impetuous and didn’t stop to think, she wasn’t as naive Rapunzel, and I like characters that are head strong.

8. Do you prefer birdwatching or stargazing? Why?

Hmm… well, I don’t often do either, but I’d have to say stargazing. I love the stars, and the idea of space… I did an independent study on astronomy when I was 11, and i still have a fascination with that great expanse. Also, it’s much easier for me to pick out stars and constellations (when i know what I’m looking for) then birds. It takes me like five minutes to see one that my friends or sister spotted ages ago.

9. Favorite Lion King character and song!

Ahg! You are so dead for doing this to me!!!!! I always liked Nola… Simba was just too… too much of a boy. Favorite song is Be Prepared. My first ever CD that I owned was the Lion King soundtrack. I got it when I was like 5 or 6, and me and my sister would climb all over our room and the furniture and would pretend to be lions. Be Prepared was our favorite one to act out for some weird reason.

10. When you’re about to leave the house, what’s the first thing you grab?

A book.

11. Do you prefer the forest, mountains, or ocean?

I shall say mountains, because I feel like most mountains have forests, so I can cheat and give two answers. 😛

12. Do you sing in the shower?

Yeah, ummm… NO! I am one of the normal people who don’t do that.

13. Gardening or fiber crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet) or sports? Favorite sport?

favorite sport to do, running or soccer. Favorite sport to watch, Baseball.

14. Do you have a particular official spot where you hang out with friends? (Mine was the library in my hometown. Now it looks like being Barnes&Noble, since it’s close to the university…)

hmm… here, i guess the airport where i have CAP since my fellow cadets are the closest people I have to friends at the moment. Before I moved, I’d probably have to say my church basement.

15. Apples, oranges, grapes, or strawberries?

*whispers in sinister voice* Strawberries… 😀

Now, my questions for the nominees!

1. Do you like running?
2. Football or football?
3. SAT or ACT? Or, are you from where those aren’t required for college?
4. Royals or Giants?
5. Music or dancing?
6. Breakfast or supper?
7. would you rather go traveling with a dwarf or an elf?
8. East or West?
9. North or South?
10. Quiz or Test?
11. Nose or Mouth?
12. did you notice I rhymed the last 4 questions?
13. Do you now feel silly for not noticing?
14. Do you like the #7?
15. What is your opinion on hashtags (#)?

And now my nominees are… *drum roll*


Seriously guys, i don’t have time to go nominate people right now, so do me a favor and accept this nomination so I don’t have to go and waste an hour of my life nominating people when I should be studying about the different orders of bird, or how to find x.

If you do reply to the nomination, please link to your blog in here in the comments so I can go see your answers!

Have fun!

P.S. PLEASE answer questions #4 for me!!!! Even if it’s just in the comments, i would love to know who you’re rooting for this World Series. 🙂

Award Time!

Okay, so today I’ve done very little that is actually productive besides NaNo and some school.
I wasn’t planning on posting, but the wonderful Robyn of Spiral Bound has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the
World Bloggers award.


Thanks Robyn!

“Waste Not Want not”, as Kit’s Aunt Millie always, say I have wasted no time in reply to the award.

The rules are simple.
Thank the one who nominated you (check!)
Post logo on blog (also check!)
Answer ten questions.
Nominate ten Bloggers.
Ask them ten questions.

Ten Questions:

1: What is your favorite Musical

That’s cheating! You can’t ask me my FAVORITE musical! It doesn’t exist! I mean, I LOVE musicals. A singular favorite does not exist.
*sigh* I shall name one, however. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. this was the first musical I truly performed in (and so far the only one) and so it has a special place with me…

2: If you could guest star in any TV show, which show and who would you be?

Doctor Who. I’d prefer being the Companion, but that isn’t a guest star role. So I would guest star as the friend who helps the Doctor, like Jenny or Clara from the Victorian Christmas special before she was the companion, who the Doctor really likes, and is ready to ask her to come, and then dies tragically and he is left to hold her and cry and nearly kill her murderer from grief.
That’s not disturbing of me is it? O_o

3: Do you have a favorite number?

I do. *silence* Sorry, did you want to know what it was? Okay, well you didn’t ask… but I’ll say. it’s 5, actually. I love 5. Five is such a good round number, and is so often over looked.

4: What is your favorite thing about autumn?

The smell. Something about autumn makes it so different… all the other seasons have their perfumes, like flowers and cinnamon, but only autumn is tangible. It actually smells crisp. It smells how it feels and there is magic in that.

5: What’s your favorite girly thing to do with your sister/female cousin/best friend?

Hmmm… I’m not truly a girly-girl most of the time… but I love to fangirl and discuss movies and favorite *cough* actors with my sister, my friends, my cousins…. so yeah.

6: Best movie you’ve see this year?

Well… I must say either Iron Man 3 or How To Train Your Dragon 2. Both were amazing action packed tragic stories of awesomness.

7: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Hmm… I have always liked Leslie… I’d have to say Leslie or Clarisse.

8: How do you feel about chick-flicks?

I love a good chick-flick now and again, but I do steer more towards the action movies. I do love the Fault in our Stars and Charlie St. Cloud. Some Nicholas Sparks as well, but I’m not a huge chick-flick movie goer.

9: GIFs?

Love em! Don’t know how to post them or make them, but love them!

10: Favorite female author?

That depends on what time period we’re talking about… Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte if we’re talking 18th – early 19th century. Louisa May Alcott for 19th. Madeline Le’Engle for 20th. Suzanne Collins for 21st.

Now for my questions for the nominees!
1: What’s the color you associate most with autumn?
2: What’s the worst movie you ever saw?
3: What’s better? Regular Apple Cider or Hot Apple Cider?
4: What book are you reading right now?
5: Is there a Christmas radio station already going where you live? (There is where I live, and I just think that’s ridiculous! It’s not even Halloween yet!)
6: Would you like a question that doesn’t have to do with the time of year or the holidays?
7: What was your first fandom?
8: What’s your favorite childhood show that you would watch again today?
9: Greek Gods or Roman Gods?
10: Did you answer all these questions truthfully? Give and answer that does not include yes or no.

And my nominees are!






Okay… so that was just five… but five IS my favorite number! And I’m out of time to work on this.

Feel free to answer the questions in you comments even if you weren’t nominated!
If you were, answer them on your blog please. 🙂

Scribbler Award!!!

Another award!

This one was given to me by the fabulous Bri from The World of the Writer.

The rules are pretty simple

#1 Link to your favorite writing blog, share your favorite writing tip, or do both.
#2 Pass the award along to up to five more people.

Oooohhh… favorite writing blog… That one is hard…
I’ll come back to that later 😛

As to writing tip, I’d have to say it’s this.

“Either Write something worth Reading, or do something worth Writing”

Benjamin Franklin.

You can never go wrong with Ben Franklin 🙂

Okay, and because she is NOT getting this award (this time anyway.. 😛 ) I shall proclaim my favorite writing blog to be The Upstairs Archives run my friend, the amazingly talented Erin!

And now five nominees…

Robyn Hoode at Spiral Bound

Victoria at Coffee. Write. Repeat.

Liam at Page Intentionally Left Blank

Kayla at Concerning Writing

Herminia at Aspiringwriter22

That’s all!