What I like:

Honey I’m Good, by Andy Grammer

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Getting e-mails.

Watching Iron Man

Listening to music.


What I Can’t stand:


Waiting to hear back from someone.

Waiting to hear from a particular someone.

The last cold symptoms hanging on for an extra couple days even after you’re over the worst.

Not knowing.

Not knowing what to say or do.

Not knowing what they’re thinking.

Not being able to see the future.



    1. Little siblings saw it for the first time tonight. They’re now plotting an Iron Man 2 movie night, since it’s the last movie standing between them and The Avengers.

  1. Funny, “Honey I’m Good” has been one of my song-obsessions of the past week, ever since I heard it during one of my driving lessons and decided it reminded me of one or two of my characters. (I’ve also been listening to “Fight Song” a fair bit as well, for the same reason.)
    Also, I sympathize about the hanging-on cold symptoms. That stinks. >.< Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I’ve had both songs going through a loop in my head almost none stop. Not tired of them yet… they’re so good I really hope I don’t get tired of them.
      And thank you, I hope so as well!

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