i have succeeded!!!!! Erin is now venturing into the wild world of Doctor Who!



Once again, I have proven that my obsessions are infectious. πŸ˜€

And best of all, she loves Rose! This especially pleases me…


Now, if she’ll just get to season 2 and meet Ten I’ll be happy…




    1. Don’t worry. I’m not actually obsessed. I couldn’t write fanfiction; I don’t particularly want to. I just like the quotes. And the characters. ❀ my Rose. :-3

      1. As in you too believe I was wrong to share this angst-filled wonder show with someone who previously was missing this magical piece from their existence. ;-P

      1. 1. Whooligans are Mr. Moseby’s fans. There’s a big difference between the Doctor and Mr. Moseby.
        2. That is absolutely correct, no fan of any BBC television is ever completely sane. Except maybe Downtown Abby fans… which I guess means part of me is at least partially sane. πŸ˜›

      2. Ach! How can you not sit through P&P? I LOVEEE it! But I can’t really see you getting into Downton Abbey… it’s not your kind of show.

      3. I can read the book. However, halfway through the movie I always start thinking about better uses of my time… such as cooking, trying to get Rachel to behave, and working on my novel…

    1. No, it really isn’t. ;-P
      I mean, we might all be having to hear about her theories and Doctor Who plot ideas for the next 6 months, but that’s all.

      1. I can live with that. *shrugs* Of course, I enjoy watching people fangirl/obsess over fandoms, as long as they’re not being shallow about it (you know, just obsessing because of looks), so yeah. It amuses me.

    2. Don’t worry about my fangirling it. I mostly like Rose, and the Ninth Doctor is awesome. Besides, Christopher Eccleston. There aren’t any Christopher Eccleston fangirls that I know of, he’s just brilliant and unexpected and he brought a sort of darkness to the character that was really compelling and somewhat frightening and very realistic.

  1. Actually, it was mostly re-watching a bunch of episodes I’d already seen. And trying to listen a lot more closely to the dialogue, because sometimes it’s hard to hear what they’re saying. GRRR.

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