I started this blog to share my opinions, to share my writing, to share my life.

I’ve gotten away from them that mindset, and I’m beginning to wonder how I can regain that idea.

I feel bad about talking about myself. Who wants to hear about me me me me all day?

But the thing is, that’s what I want to share about. I want to share my views, what my plans are for my life, and what’s going on.

It’s become so hard for me to blog because I think I need a cool topic.

I have to be smart, and post SAT type essays on this or that, or no one will want to read my blog.

I’ve made it a chore.

So now I would like to get back to why I started this thing in the first place.

To have fun posting things, whether it be about a movie I just watched, the first Saturday I’ve had to myself in months, or the fact I just got my learner’s permit (oh yeah! This girl’s learning to drive in 6 weeks before leaving for college!).

I need to stop worrying what other more experienced bloggers are going to think of what I write, and just start writing.

And remember that Faithful Fridays thing I started?

I look back now and think, why did I do that?

Do I really need to assign a day to share God’s blessings in my life?

I think in a way that had been brought on by outside pressure that said I needed to share my faith more widely.

But  the thing is, I’m a private person when it comes to faith, so unless the Spirit moves me to share something, who’s to say I have to?

So I lay before you now today that this blog is a Me blog. if I post something that entertains you, or that you can relate to, Awesome! I love touching people! But I’m not going to use outside opinion to determine how to run (or not run) this blog.

As always, everything will be respectful and I will do my utmost not to offend anyone.

But I’m not going to be anything other than my crazy wacky fangirl self centered free time writer full time student/fitness enthusiast who’s grammar is not always correct.



One comment

  1. Honestly, the Me blogs are the ones I love best- the ones that give me a look into the other person’s life. 🙂
    Oh, and good luck learning to drive!

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