This Post Is too Epic For a Title

Oh… my… YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!!

First things first, sorry for the break in posts, been super busy.

Okay, so as some of you may remember I was gripping about my Senior Prom theme a couple months ago. Well, still not thrilled with the Hawaiian, but I found some breathtaking ocean blue fabric and peacock feather designed overlay with which to make my dress.

That’s Yay #1

Yay #2 is even bigger and better.

So, as some of you may remember my mentioning, I moved across country last August right before senior year. Stinks., right? Well, thanks to a variety of circumstances, the awesomest thing is going to happen.

I get to go back to my old home town for graduation!!!!

And I don’t mean as a graduation gift, I mean I will literally be graduating at my former homeschool group’s graduation ceremony, with all my best friends!!!!!!

I am so excited, and can’t wait!

Also, I will try to post more often.



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