Pet Peeve of the Week

This year is my senior year.

I will be graduating in 9 weeks.

My senior prom which no one calls a prom because apparently current public high schooler lack of maturity combined with the …can’t think of a word for it of the catholic homeschool group where i live (I miss our old group, Erin 😦 ) means prom is considered something dirty, so homeschoolers have to have a “teen formal”. In April. With a theme.

*throws hands up in air*

If that wasn’t bad enough, the theme is….

Hawaiian !!!!



If your going to make such a big deal about doing proper dances, and having dance cards, and it not being a “prom” the least you could do is have a classic theme! Like, I don’t know, German fairytales, the 40s, Masked ball, French revolution… Meet me in St. Louis!!! Something cool! Not a dumb Hawaiian theme.

My first and last prom is going to be cheesy Hawaiian.

I should have graduated a year early myself, even if that is my second pet peeve of all time (I’ll post on that another time).

And that is what is annoying me today/probably for the rest of my life.



      1. XD I’m not, either. I’m not even a fan of either of those two. But if I met any famous person, I would still get their autograph and take a picture with them, just to show my friends. 😛

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