Sunday Share: Why the Hustle?

So this morning during breakfast, I was thinking.

Why is it so much work to get ready to go to mass?

For as long as I can remember my family has treated getting ready for mass like a kind of race/ceremony/ I-don’t-know-what.

My Mom lays out cloths for the little ones, me and my sister hurry to get all dressed up and do our hair and makeup, and my dad helps the boys with their hair.

I am certain that it is never is so much work to go out otherwise, even somewhere big like the zoo.


I have absolutely no idea.

It just seems like the hustle to get ready is an ingrained part of Sunday.

What are your thoughts? Does your family have a kind of Sunday routine that is a bit different from your regular going-out routine?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

And yes, I have noticed that I’ve forgotten to do a Faithful Friday post in a while.

I have not been suitably inspired, you could say.

Not good, but I’ll see what I can do for this Friday.

Oh, and guess what?!

I am less then ten followers away from having 100 followers!

I am so excited!

And… yeah, that’s pretty much it, but isn’t that exciting?


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