Geek Out!

Okay, so it has been a while since I’ve done a completely fangirl reaction type post.

Warning: This post contains slightly major plot devices/spoilers for Star Wars Rebels Season Finale.

Read at your own discretion.

You have been warned….




Are you sure you want to do this?



There’s still time to leave this post….


You sure?


Alright then…..





I mean, I’m sure we all assumed, or seriously hoped she’d be back, but there’s a big difference between hoping, and wishfully looking up Ahsoka tributes on youtube, and actually seeing Ahsoka Tano climb into the ghost, and hear the all too familiar voice echo in you living room as you scream your head off and throw couch pillows through the air in ecstasy.

I mean, come on!!!!!! How can anyone not react with unbridled joy and elation at seeing THE RETURN of AHSOKA TANO?!

And I’m sorry, but the Inquisitor’s death, plus Vader’s arrival, and Ahsoka’s return?

Obviously they are setting up Vader   sthe villain in the next season.

At least, I hope they are,…

And IF they are… frankly even if they are NOT… I will NOT be satisfied until I see Ahsoka vs Vader.

So yeah. That just happened.




  1. I mean… that was my one consolation, that everybody I loved was already dead and out of Disney’s reach. What can they do to Obi-Wan? Nothing. (Well, if the rumors I’ve heard are true, then lots, so I’m still praying fervently that they’re not). What can they do to Qui-Gon? Nothing.
    Now I’m sick with dread what’ll happen.

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