One Day More…

Until I pull my hair out.


Some people associate this month with basketball, bets, or sweaty guys in shorts.

All i can think of is failure, or success.

Denial, or acceptance.

This is the month (and it could leak into April, i’m not quite sure) when my future will have to be decided.

This month I’ll be learning what summer camps I’ve been slotted for, what schools I’ve been accepted to, and whether I will have to attend community college and work for a year because none of my schools accepted me.

*hangs head*

Is that depressing or what?

I don’t know what to hope for, what to expect, i’m basically sitting on a bed of pins and needles here trying to keep calm, and not think about it.

See what a good job I’m doing?

I know I need to focus on finishing all my high school work before graduation, but it’s hard.

Not only am I anxious about college, but I’m trying to finish all the requirements for my next CAP promotion, the last one before Mitchell. I need to have Mitchell before Encampment.

If anyone has a tip on how to energize someone when it comes to math and trigonometric functions, or chemistry and electron models, I’d appreciate you sharing it with me.

I love Chemistry, really I do. But I’m finding it hard to get myself to sit down and do the work.

Same with math.

I tolerate most of math, but anything that has to do with triangles or shapes i’m hopeless. Also I do better math in summer, with natural light, so trying to get it done in the dead of winter is on the border of difficult and practically impossible.

I guess I just need to face it head on, like an earthbender (been watching a bit to much Avatar lately, can you tell?).

Well, wish me luck guys.

This first week is going to be really hard.



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