TCWT February: Music For the Pen


The topic for this month is AWESOME!

It is basically about life.

Well, alright, technically Music, but for me a great deal of life is music.

The question is “How does music relate to your writing?”

Music inspires my writing a great deal, and I use it in different ways.

Sometimes I’ll listen to a creepy song for no particular reason, and write a short story. If I’m writing a nice long novel then I’ll like to mix it up. Constantly.

I have been working on my novel for three years. Each year it’s something new.

Every April – May I tend to get sucked into a Scottish or celtic playlist for my writing.

During July and late summer/early fall I get more into scifi soundtracks.

November, movie soundtracks (hunger games, LOTR, Divergent, things like that.)

Around December – March I am more into the modern pop and pop/rock. Recently I’ve been listening to Meghan Trainer, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, Avicci, Taylor Swift, and all that fun stuff.

Basically, my writing music has to do at least two of the following four things.

1. Reflect the Season

2. Connect to the level of action what I am writing contains.

3. Connect my to the original idea for the story/scene/whatever.

4. Drown out any annoying siblings, so I typically avoid quiet whisper acoustic stuff.

Example time!

When I was in the basic story development/writing stage I listened to a lot of Scottish/Celtic music. It reflected the feel and natural landscape I wanted my novel to have

When I was trying to get in touch with my inner romantic I listened to the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie adaption soundtrack (all scenes written during that time have been recently eliminated do to reversal of story. The scenes were good though. Cheesy, but with editing could have been quite good… ).

Then I think I just started listening to whatever was new that I liked to drown out siblings, and of course during December it was a lot of Christmas Carols.

During editing it almost always is whatever is new. if i’m writing something for the rifts time, the music has to reflect the story and natural background, but if all I’m doing  is tweaking and proofreading I’ll listen to something bouncy and upbeat and most certainly not classical.

When I write, I attempt to stir up all the emotions I want my readers to feel (though I doubt they feel as exhilarated as I do when a group of bandits burn down a farm house and murder a family while one MC holds back other from racing in without a plan.).

So music relates to my writing in every way. i don’t think i could accomplish half the writing I do without music. It connects me to my fantasy worlds, and help me disconnect myself from reality.

How do you use music in your writing? Doe sit bring your ideas roaring, or close the floodgate of your imagination? Is music even necessary to drown out crazy siblings?

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts, likes, and dislikes about this post, or music in general.

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  1. That’s a fascinating pattern there! I’ve never been that consistent with my music before, but it’s fascinating to see what kind of music you use to get you right into the mood you want. Thanks for sharing your methods; they’re very unique!

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