Faithful Friday: Faith = Work


Inner faith.


What do all these things have in common?

Well, they require work. Not anything physical, but focused mental determination.

Yes, this is supposed to be a Faithful Friday post.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t figure out what to say… while I’ve tried to keep god at least in my thoughts through the week, I haven’t come across any deep meditation  to share.

In fact, the number one thing on my mind at the moment is passing a fitness test tomorrow, and completing college application, and scheduling campus visits.

But there is one thing I can share.

Mental determination.

So many things people try to accomplish end up failing because they lack the willpower, the faith, to succeed.

That’s why I failed my last PT test.

That’s why I have to all but tie myself to a share to do math and science during the winter.

I know the school work and test are important, and I feel good when I do them.

But even though I know it makes me feel bad and unproductive when I skip my daily workout, or my school work, I can’t seem to summon enough strength to get them done.

All week I have tried and tried to do any kind of school work.

Even Shakespeare could not grab my focus.

I just felt tense like I had to much energy to burn off so that I couldn’t concentrate.

This lack of willpower also applies to faith.

How often do you say, “oh, I talk to God,  we’re real close,” but still dread sitting in Church for an hour each week, or can’t bear to get up that extra five minutes early so you can say Good Morning to the Lord?

I know I especially struggle with finding time to say Hi to God each week.

I’ll know I should, and I’ll have nothing of any importance to do at a particular moment, but then I find something to waste my tiem on, such as the wii or TV.

Just this afternoon, I had a whole 45 minutes between the end of one show, and the start of another that I had nothing good to watch or do. So I sat in front of the TV and watched a Star Trek episode I’d already missed most of until something came along to do.

I could have spent that time praying a rosary, or reading the bible.

I could even have been typing this post up so that I could spend these last minutes before bed saying good night to God, or reading one of the several religious books I have yet to finish.

This all boils down to self motivation.

Self motivation is the key to the universe.

You can make all the schedules and use all the time management tricks in the world, but you need self motivation to actually stick to any of them.

And where does our ultimate motivation come from? or should come from?


His inspiration is the light of all things good, and even though we struggle to follow it some weeks,  he will ultimately help us.

So summary?

Don’t let frustration cloud your mind, even when you can’t find the strength to do what ever needs to be done.

Ask God to help you.

Then just do it.

Sometimes you may not enjoy it, but you just have to do it.

I love math, but there are days it seems slow, or unengaging to me.

Those are the days I need to do it all the more.

Some Sundays we may loath giving up our morning to go sit in a church, but those are the Sundays we must at all costs give up.

If there’s one thing I trust God to do, it’s to take something I have been absolutely dreading, or believe with every fiber of my being I will despise being at or participating in, and give me just one small thing that I can say I enjoyed about it.

Faith does not come easy to anyone.

It takes constant work.

But the rewards are always worth it.

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