We Are All Cabinets of Wonders

What’s in your cabinet? What trinkets fill your shelves?

The Monday Heretic

Sometimes, I get seriously annoyed at characters in epic books and movies. Because their lives are so darn significant. There are prophecies that the fate of the world rests on them. Everyone they meet is an intriguing, yet flawed, character. They go on epic quests, face danger with courage (and perfect hair), and constantly say interesting, funny, or dramatic things that people actually want to listen to.

But I am Amy Green, twenty-three-year-old nobody who battles…the broken belt in the vacuum cleaner. Who goes boldly forth…to answer emails and finish HTML coding. And who is blessed with the mysterious gift…of making chocolate chip cookies.

I am ordinary.

But another ordinary person, a friend of mine, Keith Cantrell, shared a video today with that chronicled his 2014 in one-second bursts.

And you think, watching the video—what would mine show, from 2014? A collage of all the unremarkable days.

But, no…

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One comment

  1. Wow. That was an incredible project. (I’m going to go listen to the “Little Wonders” music video now and see what comes of it…)
    Piles of art materials, photos (a lot of awkward snapshots of Diamond’s and Raya’s respective backsides, in the same frame once or twice…) Some days just walking around the campus, too proud to cry or ask for help… a few days looking at the sky, with the sun behind my eyes… lifting stuff into the car that’s way too heavy for me, the time someone offered me a tip and I didn’t know what to do with it (true story; sad, right?)…

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