Nonsensical Comments

Alright, I decided I needed to do a post or two.
This one will be a bunch of rambling nonsense.
Sometime in the next 48 hours, another post will go up that includes for the first time in a long while… a poem.
I shall try and delve back into the poetical world of whimsical fantasies in verse as we inch closer to that glorious day we for some reason associate with the colors red and green.

Does any one have any ideas why that is?

If you do, don’t hesitate to comment and say why, I am quite curious!

Alright, now what to say…

How about this. I have finally finished the Book Thief.
My goodness… where to start with this book. It was funny, it was heart wrenching, it was thought provoking. it flowed like life, with ups and downs and twists.
t is the lives of two children.
No, more then that… it is the lives of an entire street.
I have cried over maybe three or four books in the past 6 years.
The first was I think (I can’t say for sure, because it’s been a while) The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Back. I was only like 12 or so at the time, so I can’t quite recall, but I remember the story being very emotional.
The second was Star by Star by Troy Denning, a Star Wars Extended Universe novel. Anakin Solo’s tragic death, and Leia’s complete breakdown were heart wrenching (and it was 1 in the morning).
The next two were Mockingjay, and Allegiant (or course). I want to say I shed more tears over Mockingjay then Allegiant, which I think I did, but Allegiant came close.
The latest was the Book Thief.
It was beautifully tragic.

Did anyone watch Peter Pan Live! on NBC a couple weeks ago?
I only got to see the last hour and a half, but I thought it was awesome, and the music incredible!
I heard some strict critique on Peter’s black wire fly, and the costumes, and even Wendy’s bangs!
I thought everything was incredibly well done, especially the flying, and did some justice to my favorite childhood story and friends.
The only negative comment I have is that the final battle on the pirate ship was anti-climatic, and seemed way to fake. They could have done a better job with that choreography I think.

Other then that, an A performance!

And… that’s all I really have.

So I turn to you, dear readers.
What do you want to see?

Comment below what you’re curious about.

I am open to questions, remarks, or even requests for poems or stories!

Until next time!


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