7 Days Until 1989

What? is the world about to turn into a huge time machine? I wish!
But no, we are not actually going back to 1989.
This is the title of Taylor Swift’s new album that will be coming out in exactly 7 days.

I am super excited for this!

Taylor Swift’s music has been a constant companion of mine since I was 12 and first heard Fearless.
No matter what it is that gets me down, I’ve always been able to find a Taylor Swift song that hits the heart of whatever problem I’ve been facing recently.

Her music is inspirational.

I am a singer. I love to sing, I love music, I’m a naturally musical person (yet i don’t play any instruments.. odd right?).

In all the genres of music I’ve ever listened to (quite a wide spread to be honest) Taylor Swift is the only artist who’s music i must memorize and sing over and over again. I have never gotten sick of any of her music ever (though the radios were pushing it with I Knew you Were Trouble every hour two years ago).

There is something about Taylor’s music that is magical.

Every single one of her albums has a sound all it’s own! Not one song on any of them sounds like it came from another album. All To Well could only be from Red, and Sparks Fly is the perfect example of the feel of Speak Now.
It takes her two years to write out the last bits of her last album, and move on to finish a new one, but I don’t think anyone would complain after hearing the finished product.
If it takes two years to make that, then take another two, and do it again!

What’s also important about Taylor Swift is the message in her songs.

How many artists these days sing of Prince Charmings and true love and that feeling of being swept off your feet and into something new with just a hello? Not many, and it’s most often Disney (though most recently they’ve been shying away and patronizing the feminists… On that note, I retract the statement that it’s mostly Disney. Even they’re falling flat… but that’s for another post!).

This is a fact: Very few people any more believe in marriage, family, and love of the purest kind.

This is almost singularly a Christian viewpoint now a days, and that’s truly sad.

Taylor Swift has at least one song on every album dedicated to a happy ending, and true love.

Taylor Swift: Mary’s Song (Oh my my my…)

Fearless: Change, Love Story,

Speak Now: Mine, Ours,

Red: Stay Stay Stay, Everything Has Changed, Begin Again

Now, these songs alone would single her out from every other artist today. Her every album though breaks the typical mold of “popular music”. her albums have songs on family, and growing up, and I’ve yet to hear her bow down to political correctness, and playing to the minorities, and I pray she never does.
After her true love and happy ending songs, there are the family and growing up songs.
These describe the fear of growing out of childhood, and the comfort and love of family and friends.

Taylor Swift: A Place in This World

Fearless: The Best Day

Speak Now: Mean, Never grow Up

Red: 22, The Lucky One

And of course, we have the break up songs and temporary Red loves.

A word on these; most people claim all Taylor writes is break up songs.

Looking back at the past lists, do you think that’s true?
And even in the songs that are left on each album, about 50% of them are temporary loves that were happy and good while they lasted, and the songs reflect that. They didn’t end tragically because with someone cheating and getting caught, or anything similar. They just weren’t meant to be, and that was good. They were happy and full of good memories.

I really don’t like it when people accuse Taylor Swift of filling her music with sad break up songs based on her own life. It’s ridiculous, and quite rude to be honest.

Why I think Taylor Swift’s music is so special above all is she’s honest in it. She never writes anything unless she truly means every word of it, and it has some meaning to her, because you can feel that in the music! You can feel how much this song means because she poured herself into it, just like authors pour themselves into their novels.

To accuse her of only writing break up songs and being really depressing is rude because you aren’t insulting her music, you are insulting her personally.

So please, take this into consideration. You may remark that you don’t care for a specific song, and that’s fine! It may not be in the style you really like. If you’re a hard core country fan, you probably aren’t big on her latest albums, and if you’re a pop fan, you probably have never even heard her early stuff, and that’s fine! But don’t start calling her traitor to your genre of music, and start making personal attacks.

Note: I am mostly referring to people who’ve renounced all of Taylor Swift’s music, and started insulting it as a whole, not those who are critical of one or a few songs. There is a big difference, believe me, and I don’t want to insult anyone. I am not trying to force you to like Taylor. Just if you don’t, please do not insult her.

Okay, that is way more then enough doom and gloom!

Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 comes out next Monday! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can not wait!

Also, seeing as I get my SAT scores that day, I may or may not hope to convince my Mom of getting me to the store pronto after learning what they are, so I can either celebrate a victory, or mourn my further death in January.

Okay, this was a rather choppy post, and I apologize. I didn’t have much time to put it together. 😛
Also, when i get onto a topic I’m really patient about, my writing tends to break out of a nice mold and do exactly what we’re warned not to do when writing essays.


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