What I Am Doing 10/10/14

Ooohhh… I should really remember to do these, especially when I have nothing else to post.

What I Am reading:

The Book Thief by Marc Zusak: I got this for my Birthday almost a year ago and am only just reading it. I know, not very polite of me, but I’ve been busy. Very good so far.

Hitler by Albert Marrin: An excellent biography on the creepiest creep the human race has ever produced. Note, this is a school book, not something I’m reading because I’m some kind of weird modern day Nazi. I am quite possibly the farthest thing from that.

Divergent by Veronica Roth: I love this book. This a re-read for me. One of the things I find when i read this is that I connect with Tris on a very deep level. Her own journey reminds me of my own, in a way, and gives me a kind of mental boost to pursue what I want.

Up Your Score: Yep, SAT prep book. This one is good though, trust me. It is awesome, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

What I’ve just finished:

House of Hades by Rick Riordan: The worst book he has ever written, and yet I confess I’ve read it twice, sort of. The first time I kind of skimmed every part except for Annabeth and Percy. This was technically my first time reading it all the way through. Still the worst book he’s ever written. Its only redeeming qualities is Frank’s character growth, Leo’s time in Oogia, and Percabeth in Tartarus. Everything else, the sloppy writing, nonsensical character changes (obviously frank’s is not included among those) and over all unorganized time line. The only reason I reread it was to prepare for Blood of Olympus which, alas, I will be reading. I must find out what happens to the characters I DO care about, sloppy writing or no!

Memories of Anne Frank: This one I read for school. Rather short, but a good read. I finished it in a cold tent in 4 hours.

Saint John Paul the Great by John Evert: I love this book! A must read!

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: Epicness! I couldn’t believe that people were saying it was better then Cinder, especially since it was mostly following this new character Scarlet. Then I read it, and was blown away!

What I’m listening to:

Taylor Swift Shake it Off: I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan. I have been since Fearless, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I love it that each of her albums has a different sound, and I love how her music has progressed through the years. Sue me, but she is the only artist who I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of any of her music ever.

Thomas Bergeson: His music is great for Plotting and Noveling, not necessarily in that order. 🙂

Maddie and Tae Girl in a Country Song: I love country music 🙂

What I am Watching:

Doctor Who: Re-watching Ten with younger siblings, and some Eleven. It makes me feel much better about the pain this show brings me when i can go back and share it with my younger siblings. 😀

Revolution: Season Two is finally on netflix!

Percy Jackson Seas of Monsters: If they don’t make a third movie I will be really mad. They came back really well after the first one was a semi-flop, so to leave it there is just wrong. i really liked this movie, and they did a much better adaption of the book (and Stanley Tucci as Dionysus and Anthony Head as Chiron!) so they better not decide to drop the ball now!
Also, I really liked Clarisse after all. I was kind of worried about how they’d portray her since they got a skinny beauty queen to play her, but she wasn’t bad.


Crew: yep, still rowing in the dropping temperature. I hope to find my lovely field jacket (read, military coat) before my next regatta.

Civil Air Patrol: Just joined a new squadron.. sort of? Still doesn’t show on my CAP account, and I still haven’t gotten confirmation of the transfer. This is my first transfer, so i don’t know what’s up.

SAT: Oh the glorious Slimy and Atrocious Torture. I shall be enduring this tomorrow morning, oh joy.



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