Hello? Is anyone there? : An original story piece

Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hello?

If you can, pay very close attention.

You are, at this very moment, in terrible and immediate danger.

I can’t say exactly what that danger is, because it’s not real. Not in the sense that the chair in which you are sitting is real, or how the coffee mug that sits in your cupboard is real.
The danger is real, but not real in your world.

No! Stop! Don’t you dare leave!

I’m not crazy!

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but don’t stop reading this! I swear by the end, you’ll want to curl up in your bed, and pray that they don’t find you. Because if they do, if they sneak into your room in the dark of night, the only sound you’ll hear is the clock. The clock that doesn’t exist. The clock that ticks through all of time and space, counting down each life to it’s sudden and inevitable end.

And that is the most terrifying part of it all.

The danger that lurks over your shoulder, listening to your words, and seeing your life pass by. Waiting, always waiting. waiting until the night comes.
The darkest night.
A night where bad things happen. When black cats are afraid of coming out of there dens, and owl keep there silence. You can never tell when one of these nights will be. They start out like ordinary nights, with frogs croaking in the willows, and owls calling from the trees. then it stops. It all stops.

When you hear what can not be heard, then they are there.
At this point, there is only one thing that will save you.

Don’t turn around.
Don’t look at them, don’t even think about them.
Don’t turn around, not even when the wind ceases to be heard. When the frogs stop their croaks, and the owls flee the woods… don’t turn around!

Oh, listen… I can hear them.

I can hear them now, growing silent, they’re songs ceasing.

I can feel the ice creep across the floor, drawing closer. I feel the dark hand grasp my shoulder as it leans over me, reading my last testimony. I can feel its mouth, or variation there of, twist up into a cocky grin. No longer, I can stand it no longer…

I turn and look over my shoulder.

Author’s Note: It was so much creepy fun writing this! And what is it with me and clocks and drums these days? And what a treat for you! two posts in a row! I had to post the first, because… well, I don’t know. it felt right showing you how my weird mind works. i hope you enjoyed this, and since it is the month of All Hallow’s Eve (doesn’t that sound more frightening and medieval to you? Much less cheesy then its modern name… and yes, I know it’s technically old English or something for eve of All saints. It still sounds creepy!) you can expect some similar tales in future.



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