A search for Inspiration

I have nothing to write about.

I have a million little plots all swirling in my head, but not one of them I feel capable of writing in the worthy light which they deserve.

Notice I did not say demand.

Anyway, why am I blogging if I can’t even write?

Because i can.

I can rattle off a dozen random facts when I have nothing better to do.
I can list off favorite shows, favorite plot twists, favorite characters who are animals…. but I can’t sit down and write a story.

Why can’t I?

No idea.

i’m hoping writing about nothing will get me to eventually write about something.
It is often said that when you can’t write, just write anyway. Just write random things, and eventually you’ll be inspired.

So this is me, writing random things, and hoping to be inspired.

Random thing #1: I just finished a bowl of chili.

Random thing #2: I still have not seen any episodes of season 8 of Doctor Who.

Random thing #3: … I am inspired!



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