Scribbler Award!!!

Another award!

This one was given to me by the fabulous Bri from The World of the Writer.

The rules are pretty simple

#1 Link to your favorite writing blog, share your favorite writing tip, or do both.
#2 Pass the award along to up to five more people.

Oooohhh… favorite writing blog… That one is hard…
I’ll come back to that later 😛

As to writing tip, I’d have to say it’s this.

“Either Write something worth Reading, or do something worth Writing”

Benjamin Franklin.

You can never go wrong with Ben Franklin 🙂

Okay, and because she is NOT getting this award (this time anyway.. 😛 ) I shall proclaim my favorite writing blog to be The Upstairs Archives run my friend, the amazingly talented Erin!

And now five nominees…

Robyn Hoode at Spiral Bound

Victoria at Coffee. Write. Repeat.

Liam at Page Intentionally Left Blank

Kayla at Concerning Writing

Herminia at Aspiringwriter22

That’s all!



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