Countdown to NaNo

It is at long last September, and we all know what that means.

Back to School, the start of autumn, and Pumpkins.

But what a few people don’t realize is that, to some, September signals more then just school and Work.

It means writing.

In September, things start rolling, and the realization hits you like a ton of bricks.
NaNoWriMo is only two months away.

What’s NaNoWriMo?

National Novel Writing Month of course!

The month were thousands of people throw away there lives, their work, their social lives to become hermits with one goal in mind.
To write a 50,000 novel in 30 days.
It is the month were writers everywhere turn into coffee-addicted, baggy-eyed, sleep deprived zombies.

This will be my Third NaNo, and my second on what is considered the “Adult site”.

I am so excited!

This year, I am working on what some people might have originally called a Frozen rip off.
It is now a totally different story, as I’ve spent the holiday weekend (Three cheers for meaningless federal holidays!) working on story building. I’ve given my land a name, a history (a rather bloody one I’ll admit… but there has to be at least one war!) and a mystic people.
I have the best villain I have ever created, an odd assembly of characters, and a peddler I have just invented.

So, in the spirit of the Writing season, I have decided to share my NaNo Countdown to-do list with you all.

Brainstorm: You can’t have a story without a plot. You can’t have a plot without an idea. You can’t have an idea without brainstorming. Tip, brainstorming is always best when done during an actual storm.

Become a Professor in History: You have a story, now write the history that leads up to it. How did your villain become a villain? How did the earthquake start? How did the King get his magic sword? Basically, write a prequel to the story you haven’t even written yet.

World Build: This is fun! Get your construction hats people! It’s time to build castles, and lakes, and mountains, and forests, and magical creatures that kill by licking your ear… and after that, you get to name them! I love naming things! Naming things is cool 🙂

Become Di Vinci: Now that you have your world, make it real. Take a pencil and paper and sketch what the squirrels look like, what the everyday people where, what your main character is wearing to the gala, and how in your world a boat is constructed from meteorite.

Write Short Stories: You have your story, you have your history, and you have your kingdom. Now, take events from your history and write short stories. These short stories will help you decide what kind of writing style you want to use for you novel.
They will also give you a peek at the emotional state of your characters at the beginning of your novel, and help prevent cheating (i.e. starting your novel before November) 🙂

Become a Cat: Not literally, but in the sense that you don’t do anything. Don’t even look at your pictures, and short stories, or name charts, nothing! For the last 3 days before NaNo, forget you even have a story to write.

Then… November 1st!!! Party time!!! Pull out those pens, paper, laptops, coffee mugs, and paper plates!

Time to write!!!

*Looks at Calendar*

Well… in two months anyway…

Happy Prepping!



  1. I would love to brainstorm in a storm! Unfortunately, CA is in a drought 😦

    This is a great prep list ^^ I’m starting my prep work in October, but I’m itching to get going =P Still can’t decide between two stories, though D= So many options! Too few Nanos!

    1. Droughts are awful 😦

      I thought I had my story, then a plot bunny attacked me last night while I was watching a World War 2 movie!
      Now I have no idea what I’ll be writing… *facepalm*

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