Book Review: Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy


4 stars

So what, did I like about this book?

For one thing, the characters.

Danny Wright is a very real 17 year old boy from a small town. He is a good guy, has practical goals in life, and has a very strong devotion to his country.
His girlfriend, JoBell, is incredibly smart. She is very into politics and the big world outside of Idaho. She has big dreams for herself that are well within her reach.
Cal and Sweeney. What can I say about them? We don’t really get to know them as well as Jobell and Danny, but we do see what great friends they are.
Becca is a farmgirl, and the quiet collected one of the gang. I also get a sense that she has a thing for Danny, but she’s smart and considerate enough not to pursue it.
Danny’s mom is wonderful. She’s so sweet, and seems to always know exactly what is happening to her son. She suffers from panic attacks, and Danny does everything he can to help her, but she’s also strong when she has to be.

Plot wise, this is a well crafted story that takes a constantly debated subject and puts it in extreme circumstances in a very possible future. I enjoyed it, and can think of nothing negative to say about the plot.

Bonus likes:
The Constitution is a major theme in the book, and the author does well in integrating it into the story.
Each chapter ends with excerpts from speeches and news programs from the book world. It helps add understanding of the situation as well as tension.

This book does NOT CONTAIN any *cough* in-appropriate relations, but it does HINT at them.
It contains at least Mild Language, I can’t remember exactly. I tend to blank out any bad words, and then never remember if there were any in the first place.
This book also describes some sometimes graphic images.
Just remember, this book is about shootings, and a stand-off between a state and national government.

Who should read this? I think this book can be read by anyone AGE 15 +, but it does lean more towards the boy side of literature. I’m a girl, and I enjoyed it, but that’s because I like that kind of story.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention something in the warning. This book does involve underage drinking. In case I didn’t stress this enough, it is an older kids book.



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