Why I: 8/23/14

Hello people!

So the inspiration well has been a bit dry lately, both writing and blogging wise, but I finally decided on a topic.
And a new post series!
Yes I know I haven’t finished the personality trait one, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to do Meyers-Briggs, and writing the posts are kind of boring me at the moment. So until they don’t bore me, so I know they hopefully won’t bore you, they’ll be on hold while under remodeling.
But what is this new series?
I’m calling it “Why I”
It will be a post I put out every other week or so. It be either a story about me, and why I believe this, or why I think this way, or why I like this.
It will range in topic from fandoms to politics.
As politics haven’t changed much recently, and Erin has already covered the most scandalous and speak-out worthy thing recently (check out her post on it here. As it involved something very personal to me, I really recommend looking at it) I shall be covering the fandom end today.

Matt smith

Why I Love The Doctor

No, no, not romantically, but as a person and character.
The doctor is amazing.
He can travel through time and space, he saves whole races and planets, and sacrifices so much to do so… The Doctor is a hero. And I don’t mean the big strong heroes like Superman who fly around and save the world because they can. I mean a hero in the context I laid out in my post Heroes and Villains.
He doesn’t have to save everyone. He knows this. There are times he tries to make himself walk away, say he’s done saving humans. Of course, he never can.
He has suffered so much, and has had to make the hard decisions.
Not to mention there’s the fact he doesn’t carry a weapon… he carries a screwdriver.
That I think describes him more then anything.
Well… that and the fact he travels in a police phone box and calls himself the doctor.
The Doctor shows compassion to his enemies, and limits the bloodshed whenever he can.
He cried over the Master’s death, even though the Master had killed so many, and had nearly murdered billions more.


Did I mention he quotes the Lion King and sings My Fair Lady? πŸ˜€

He represents all the best things in the world, while making mistakes along the way, or sometimes edging a little to close to the shadows.
He is what heroes in stories should be.
But of course, there can only be one Doctor.
That doesn’t mean, however, we can’t have heroes who are rooted firmly in the light, and stray only once in a while in a gray area. Characters who don’t compromise their morals.
That’s the Doctor.
And that’s why I love him.

Author’s Note: This isn’t a review or a breakdown of Doctor Who as a show. This is a post about Why I love Doctor Who, and the Doctor specifically. This was meant to share my opinion and that is all. I don’t have time to do a thorough review at the moment



    1. I don’t know… for me, when ever I want someone to watch it, and they ask me why they should, my go-to answer is “because he quotes the Lion King.” πŸ˜›

      1. Well… yeah… there’s all that to. πŸ˜›
        But I don’t really see those as reasons to watch it.
        You can watch almost anything and it has a cute, British boy in it somewhere. πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh sure, rub it in πŸ˜›
      I just saw the season 7 finale Friday night with my siblings… they were heart broken and sobbing.
      I REALLY want to see the new episode in theaters Monday, but I’m not sure my Dad will take me 😦

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