Midnight Dreams: An Original Poem

I warn you all, this is my typical style of poetry… meaning I don’t follow any guidelines but instead free verse it, rewriting it until it sounds right to me.
I hope it’s not a total failure.

Midnight Dreams

The night stars come out,
The moon reveals its heavenly glow.
The sun retreats behind mountainous clouds,
And frees the waiting night.
Fairies glide from hidden glens,
To dance in their circles once again.
Night beckons and calls,
And the gnomes appear,
With their great white beards.
Night sings out to the sky,
And the selkies rise from ocean foam
And chant their haunting reply.
These are the unknown times,
When all the world is sleeping.
Nobody sees these mystic sights,
Except the mystic beings who
Participate each night.
But what wonderful beauty lies
In their songs and dances bright
Of which we will never see?
But oh how it is fun to dream.
To dream of the night romances,
Of fairies under the stars,
And selkies lying on the rocky shore,
As the tides fall and rise.
What precious gems are these,
The sights that go unseen.
Unseen by human eyes,
Hidden from their narrow view.
Oh of these midnight secrets,
These mystical midnight secrets,
Of these wondrous things
It is such fun to Dream.

Leave feedback in the comments.
Hate it? Love it? Don’t believe in Midnight fairy romps?
Tell me!



  1. Thanks everyone!
    And yes Erin, this is meant to be free verse… I think…
    I love poetry, but I hate following rules.
    Therefore, my poetry is whatever I write that sounds the least bit poetic πŸ˜‰

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