TCWT August Blog Chain

I’m doing a blog chain! I have always wanted to do one of these!

“What characters are you most like?”

Once again, you have a lot of freedom with this topic. While the character(s) you choose should hopefully come from a published work, it can be from pretty much any type; book, movie, musical, short story, poem, etc. characters are all fair game.

What Characters am I most like?

Yikes, where to begin….

Okay, well, let’s start with a no-brainer that Erin will role her eyes over and say “well duh!”…


Siri Tachi

Siri Tachi is a character created by Jude Watson for the Jedi apprentice series. She is a jedi padawan who becomes Obi-Wan’s best friend during his apprenticeship. She’s only slightly younger then him, but skips 2 classes to be at his level.
She is a sarcastic, pushy, headstrong, and fiery jedi.
It’s her mannerisms and characters traits I connect with most, over her actual life experiences. I wish I had her life, but that’s pretty much all I can do.
I have her temper, her tendency to act without thinking, and her ability to conform to any situation. I also have her sharp tongue.



Attolia is the title of the ruler of Attolia in the Queen’s Thief series. Once crowned, the rulers of the three different kingdoms that take center stage in these almost Greek epic like stories, are pretty much only referred to by their titles.
Her lesser known name is Irene.
Okay, spoiler alert, but this character starts out as more of a villain in the first two books.
In the second book though, you get to see things from her perspective, and you realize she’s not so much a villain as a queen struggling to hold together a traitorous country as the sole ruler. And a women ruler at that.
She had been the subject of court intrigue since a child, and only came out of the shadows when both her father and older brother died, putting her on the throne, and in the middle of a big split between her country’s noblemen. Each one had their own agenda, and each one wanted her to be used for their own personal gain.
It took quite a bit of craftiness from her side to take control on her own, and break all the strings that were being pushed on her. It took years for her to balance the national treasury from the noblemen’s spending, and to shove it into people’s heads that she was ruler, not them, and that she was not marrying anytime soon.
In short, Irene is a queen who’s heart wasn’t stone, but which circumstances had made firm and resolute.


Ender Wiggin

Andrew (or Ender, as he likes to be called) Wiggin is just a little kid at the start of the first book. In the movie, he’s a bit older at the start, but that doesn’t have anything to do with Ender himself.
Ender is a third. he’s a government approved third child, which makes him immediately a target and an anomaly.
In his futuristic world, aliens have attacked earth on two separate occasions. there can not be a third. So, the world comes together and creates a battlefleet. But they need a commander. And so start the schools. Battle schools. Those who pass certain requirements on earth are sent to the satellite battle school which orbits earth. There they start a whole different level of training. they become soldiers there. Not just soldiers, leaders. What I love about the school (umm… besides the training 12 year olds to attack and fight a war part. That isn’t as good.) is the leadership, and the leadership skills Ender possess.
I love leadership. I love reading about… I love the opportunity to be a leader.
I was a Civil Air Patrol flight commander for the last month before I had to move from my old Squadron, and I have to confess, it was the best position I have ever had and I was just flying high.
So I really connected with Ender’s abilities as a leader. And I think I learned more about how to be a leader from Ender’s Game then from my actual Leadership course. Though I suppose that’s debatable…


Jo March

Ah! My childhood hero! Jo has always been my favorite March sister. She’s a tomboy, a writer, and a playacter (at least in the March home’s attic). She is just so me, and I’ve always loved her for that!
She has a younger sister who tries way to hard to be like her older sister. I sadly, am minus a little Beth with no faults to put her kindly in her place.
She also dreams of travelling to far off lands, but is for quite a while stuck at home.
Though, she couldn’t really call it stuck, for she does love dearly her little family and home, even if she rarely says so outright.


Maximum Ride

The first book I read in this series was The Final Warning. My absolute favorite is Max. Maximum, or Max as she called, is the leader of a “flock” of genetically enhanced humans who contain 2% of bird genes. I.e. they have wings. She’s the “big sister”, the leader of these kids. She can be bossy, short tempered, but always has the needs of the flock at heart. Sometimes the others don’t see it, or get tired of having an older sister, but it’s not long before they realize how much they need their over bearing Max to see them through.

And those are it. Those are the characters I am most like.
In truth there may be a couple more, but who wants to listen to me list off characters I am like all day?
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      1. Well, actually… *hangs head in embarrassment* I have this slight habit of roleplaying as Obi-Wan… and the OOCness is because I’ve been cooped up for the past few days and IRL Iris moved away. 😦 Besides, since when is RP ever actually realistic? 😛
        When I RP as Zaina, Iris does Siri’s Padawan Shaniel. Zaina’s master is Tiris Arvellan, who is a little younger than Obi-Wan, but they were mostly in all the same classes as Padawans.

      2. Oh, yes. I’d forgotten about that – and about Shaniel. (I think I must have done her wrong in AtS because I can’t like her very much. Iris, if you’re reading this, would you mind awfully posting some real Shani stories?)

      3. Oh, wow. I don’t write in the Clone Wars so much any more, but I could try as well… Yes, Shaniel is a little OOC in AtS, but her hyperness is about right… *grins mischievously at Iris* As is her obsession with coffee… ahem… CAF. 😛

      4. I’m sorry! She’s mischievous, pretends to be all-knowing (she’s one of the authors… which is sort of Iris’ running gag), and takes after her master somewhat.

      5. Talking about me behind my back, are we?
        Shaniel could do with a bit of character development, and if Erin has no complaints, I may start a few stories in which she isn’t the author, or at least a known author.
        I’ll see to getting some fanfics up shortly then.

  1. Ender was definitely one of my literary heroes when I read the first book–though I haven’t had time to read the rest, and I’d be interested to see what else happens. I’m afraid I don’t know any of the other characters, but they all sound like people I’d enjoy. 🙂

    1. I haven’t read the other books either, but am curious about them. Juts not curious enough to take the time to read them 🙂
      If you are a fan of classic literature, I must eagerly suggest you reading Little Women from which I stole Jo March.
      My other favorite is the Maximum Ride series, which is more of a sci-fi story.

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