Top Five TV Characters

Alright, I had an inspiration from a friend as to what I should blog about.
My top five favorite TV characters.
This will be a little difficult, but I’ll do my best to narrow it down to five.

1. John Watson BBC Sherlock: Who can go wrong with Watson? I mean, he has got to be the most patient man in the world to put up with Sherlock, and… yeah, he’s just epic.
Why I like him… his patience and bravery. He has the perfect balance of caution and recklessness that evades my grasp.

2. The Doctor Doctor Who: The Doctor has got to be the most unique character ever created. I admit it, I always thought he was a weirdo and the whole show Doctor Who was psycho. Then I watched it. And I’m sorry, so sorry, that I ever doubted it.
The Doctor is compassionate, merciful.. I mean come on! He carries a screwdriver around! He’s the most anti-war warrior there has ever been. But he also has a temper, and a line. When that line is crossed… watch out!
Why I really like him… he knows how to make the tough choices, and believes that it’s never to late for someone to change. Until it’s to late that is…

3. Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon a Time: What can I say about Rumple? When you first meet him, he’s the creepiest and most evil person ever! But then as you get to know him, you see he’s not evil at heart, he just took a few wrong turns in life. And then there’s his whole relationship with Bae and Belle… but I won’t spoil it.
What I like about him… he admits he is dark, and has made mistakes, and ends up making a lot more to try and fix them. But he never stops fighting to be good. He always keeps trying to leave that dark part of him behind.

4. Sherlock BBC Sherlock: Yes, yes, of course he’s here! Sherlock is like a child, and he even admits this himself. He doesn’t get other people… he doesn’t get people at all, really. He’s impatient, rude, and can be a bit pretentious. At heart though, he’s still just a child trying to understand those around him.
But that’s why we love him. That and those cheekbones and brain 😉
But honestly… I like him because he knows he could be the villain; he has it in him to be the mastermind, the spider in the web. Instead of giving in to that darkness, he fights for the weak and defenseless. He fights the darkness so that he doesn’t become the darkness.

5. Zuko Avatar the last Airbender: Okay, this is the odd one out on the list. Almost. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everyone on this list has a streak of darkness in them. Alright, Dr. Watson has to be exempt from that statement, but everyone else has had a brush with the darkside.
Zuko is no different.
Zuko starts out your typical evil prince who is out on a hunt for the hero, the Avatar.
No, not the big blue aliens!
The Avatar is the only bender who can bend all four elements.
Anyway, as the series goes, Zuko reaches several life changing realizations, and by the end, he is a completely different person. He learns to let go of all the hate and fear he’s had, and all of his father’s expectations. He probably is the most developed character of any TV series… and he’s from an anime show on Nicktoons!
Why do I like him? In all honesty I don’t really know myself… for everyone else on this list the answer came to me as soon as I started typing, even if I hadn’t truly known why previously. But for Zuko…. I guess his journey makes me think of my own? I honestly can’t tell you how though.
It just does.

Alright. Those are my top five.
I am honestly amazed I could narrow it down so much…
Who are your Top Five Favorite TV Characters?
Why do you like them?
Let me know in the comments!



  1. That’s a great list of characters. In the lesser episodes of Once Upon A Time, the scenes with Rumplestiltsken are still enjoyable – I will sometimes fast forward through other parts, and just watch his scenes.
    As for Watson, he is the glue that holds the show together. Without his grounded nature, Sherlock would not be as great a character as he is.

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