June Rush Part 2

Alright folks, now here is week two. In case you did not read week one yet… well, just go read Week One real quick. It’s short, I promise.

So, my second week of June Rush took a polar turn from my first week… and that would be my first ever Civil Air Patrol Encampment.
For those who don’t know, Civil Air Patrol is a Youth organization (it’s also the Auxiliary branch of the Air Force, but nobody ever remembers what that means) dedicated to training the Leaders of tomorrow and teaching aerospace stuff and training young adults in Emergency Services. It is seriously awesome, and I’ve been a member for about 9 months.
So Encampment is basically CAP’s summer camp for its cadets. You go and wear your uniforms (we get the Air Force’s old BDU/Camo uniforms from years past. Is that epic or what!) every day. Each morning starts with P.T. (Physical Training) and then you have less then an hour to shower, get in uniform, fall into you flight, and get to the dining hall for breakfast.
I arrived Sunday afternoon in Civvies (t-shirt and jeans) shaking with terror. There have been false info going around that Encampments are like a week of boot camp.
Encampment is more like a military style summer camp where you are in a flight or team of people who you live and train with for a week learning about leadership and aerospace and all kinds of fun stuff.
In my case, we had classes on the Core Values (Excellence, Integrity, Volunteer Service, and Respect) and how to apply them to leadership.
We had a class on the Aviation History in my state (which I had no idea was so rich!).
Besides that we had AWESOME activities!
We went on a tour of the nearby Military instillation which-shall-not-be-specified.
We went on Black Hawk Rides.
And the best thing ever…
We went rappelling.
Basically it was totally different then what I was expecting.
It was even more AWESOME!!!!!!


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