A Matter of Faith

Today I’d like to share an update on moving with you.
This week my parents are away on a house hunting trip. To be honest it’s hoped to be (and looking more like) a house buying trip. In the process of negotiating and attempting to buy our dream house, however, there have been a couple scares.
The first one was that the sellers wanted (quite unreasonably I might add) far more in interest money then my parents were willing to provide, and there were a couple of other things I think. My parents replied that is was either what they were willing to offer or they’d walk. The sellers accepted our first offer.
Then yesterday the sellers were second guessing due to some wording in the contract, and my parents were once again worried we wouldn’t get the house, and so they started looking at back up plans.
Last night, probably right before my parents officially gave up all hope, the agent called and said they’d signed the papers.
Now, through out all of this I was praying harder then I have in a long while.
I’m a Christian. I’m a Catholic in fact, so I was raised knowing how to pray, and why it’s so important. Putting that into practice… well, I’ve let it fall on the wayside now and again, sadly.
I’m trying to start fresh again.
Monday, shortly before I learned about the sellers count offer, I prayed a rosary.
After hearing about the counter offer, I prayed that my rosary had been heard, that we’d get this house.
Then I remembered something… I’d said the wrong mysteries during my rosary.
That right there shows how often I pray the rosary. I had mixed up Monday’s and Tuesday’s mysteries, and instead of saying the Joyful I said the Sorrowful.
Needless to say when you are praying for a new house, reading meditations about accepting setbacks, and trusting in God’s will, and… well, suffering… it can be kind of discouraging.
That night though, my mom called and said the sellers had accepted the first offer.
I prayed a second rosary because that was such a relief. With the right mysteries that time, the Joyful, which fit perfectly with my mood because I was joyful.
And that’s when I came across this meditation.
“We can count on God’s answers to our prayers, but often in unexpected ways – A stable for a room.”
I laughed.
You see, I have had my own room for about 5 years now. Our new house, however, does not have enough bedrooms for that, so I’m being stuck back in with my younger sister. What it does have though is an AMAZING barn! Heated tack room…fencing… it’s beautiful, according to my parents.
So I am essentially trading my room for a stable.
It was this small sign from God that I knew, I just knew this was going to happen.
Now I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share that. It really means so much more to me then it could to anyone else. I wasn’t sure if any one else would understand the thoughts I had when I first read that. When I read that meditation I felt like God had put that there just for me to find at that moment. To let me know that that was our house.
That’s a bit hard for someone on the outside to understand… which is why even when I was praying I was wondering whether I’d share that with anyone. But God works in mysterious ways, and not 2 minutes later, on the next decade…
‘Anna, in the scene that follows this passage [the presentation at the temple], “talked about the child to all.” My encounters with Christ should lead to evangelization.’
Well I have no idea if this will lead to evangelization for anyone, but like Anna, I’m sharing my very little encounter with Christ.
Things are still shaky concerning the house, and I’m still praying hard, but I have to believe that A Stable for a Room wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, or my imagination having some fun.
When I read it… it just felt so real! So true!
And I’m not saying I don’t believe in coincidences, but some things are just to closely connected to not be planned.


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